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Valuation of Patents by Alexander Wurzer, Dieter Reinhardt, Theo Grünewald

Valuation of Patents

By Alexander Wurzer, Dieter Reinhardt, Theo Grünewald


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Drawing on the full range of available resources, this book clearly and systematically presents a detailed overview of current knowledge about patent valuation. In the course of the presentation the authors cover such elements of the subject as the following: ;

  • business implications of the dematerialization of economic life;
  • importance of intellectual property in a knowledge economy;
  • forms of value creation by intangible assets in general and by patents in particular;
  • value proposition of different ways of patent exploitation;
  • patent value affecting environmental factors and factors inherent to the patent portfolio;
  • structure of current instruments of patent valuation.

The authors provide a detailed step-by-step account of how to set up a valuation model, with specifications of all the instruments required and attention to any empirical findings that have appeared. In addition, detailed case studies demonstrate the practical execution of major varieties of patent valuation, an appendix describes the mathematics used to compute present value and net value, and a glossary defines technical terms.

In addition to its contribution to legal scholarship on patent law, the book is unmatched as a procedural manual for setting up a valuation model before a concrete valuation task. There is no clearer discussion of patent valuation as a crucial element of corporate strategy in the knowledge economy, and as such the book will prove of great practical assistance to business managers and their counsel in any jurisdiction.

Publish Date 04/25/2012
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ISBN 9789041127235
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Economic Importance of Patents.

Chapter 2 Basics of Patent Valuation.

Chapter 3 Valuation Proceeding.

Chapter 4 Tools for Patent Valuation.

Chapter 5 Case Study.

Chapter 6 Appendix.