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UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts by BROEDERMANN

UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts

By Eckart Broedermann


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The UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts provide an excellent tool for cross-border contracts restating an international understanding of global contract law. They can be chosen as a neutral and pragmatic business oriented contractual regime for cross-border contracts, developed under the auspices and finally approved by the intergovernmental organization UNIDROIT (Rome). They contain over 50 solutions to typical contractual questions constituting compromises between civil and common law. The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law has endorsed their use “as appropriate, for their intended purposes.”

The commentary analyses the UNIDROIT Principles article by article from a practical perspective, while always discussing alternative courses of action, where they apply. In analysing the UNIDROIT Principles of 2016 in their 4th version, the author navigates the reader through the system of the 211 principles, which provide a sound basis for international contracts.

The author is a German practitioner with international training and familiarity with both common and civil law. He has been admitted to the New York Bar and also teaches at the University of Hamburg as a professor of law. He is a regular user and advocate of the UNIDROIT Principles both in arbitrations and in his legal practice.

Publish Date 04/16/2018
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ISBN 9789041199560
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"The key feature of the Commentary is that it enables the user to develop a firm grasp of the legal and practical problems in relation to the 122 articles of the UPICC at a glance through compact comments which are restricted to the key legal issues, while at the same time highlighting practical aspects of utilizing the provisions of the UPICC, including a discussion of the limits of any given rules or principles and options for contract drafters and arbitration practitioners....its handy format means it can be easily brought to negotiation tables, hearing rooms or lecture halls around the globe. In the digital age, in which most information is available online, this is a great advantage of any ‘analog’ reference tool. In combination with the author’s unique style, clear and concise language and highly practical perspective, the Commentary will be a standard reference tool for everybody who works with the UPICC, in academic circles as well as in international contract and arbitration practice."   

Klaus Peter Berger

Arbitration International | 2018  | Vol 34 |  Issue 3


"...Professor Brödermann’s commentary is structured in a clear and logical way. The table of contents at the beginning quickly positions the reader while the index at the end is sufficiently detailed to allow for more forensic interrogation...Overall, amongst the wide body of literature on the UNIDROIT Principles, Professor Brödermann’s commentary stands out and is well deserving of unreserved recommendation and a place in the international practitioner’s armoury of law books."

Andrew Tetley, Partner, Reed Smith LLP

ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin | 2020 Issue 1