Store International Trust in Electronic Commerce: The Role of Trust from a Legal, an Organizational and a Technical Point of View

Trust in Electronic Commerce: The Role of Trust from a Legal, an Organizational and a Technical Point of View

By J.E.J. Prins, P.M.A. Ribbers, Henk C.A. Van Tilborg, A.F.L. Veth, J.G.L. Van Der Wees


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Electronic commerce is here to stay. No matter how big the dot-com crisis was or how far the e-entrepreneurs' shares fell in the market, the fact remains that there is still confidence in electronic trading. At least it would appear that investors are confident in e-companies again.

However, not only trust of venture capitalists is of importance -- consumers also have to have faith in on-line business. After all, without consumers there is no e-business. Interacting lawyers, technicians and economists are needed to create a trustworthy electronic commerce environment.

To achieve this environment, thorough and inter-disciplinary research is required and that is exactly what this book is about. Researchers of the project Enabling Electronic Commerce from the Dutch universities of Tilburg and Eindhoven have chosen a number of e-topics to elaborate on trust from their point of view.

This volume makes clear that the various disciplines can and will play a role in developing conditions for trust and thus contribute to a successful electronic market.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Corien Prins and Leo van der Wees E-Commerce and Trust: a Variety in Challenges 1 Tune in to the Digital World 2 Defining Electronic Business and Electronic Commerce 3 The Opportunities of Electronic Business and Electronic Commerce 4 A Key Challenge: Trust 5 Trust as the Subject of this Book Technical Chapter 2 Florian Egger Consumer Trust in E-commerce: From Psychology to Interaction Design 1 Introduction 2 From ED! to B2C 3 The Trust Challenge 4 Semantics of Trust 5 Risk 6 Trust in Romantic Relationships 7 Trust in Business Relationships 8 HCI & Trust in E-Commerce 9 MoTEC: A Model of Trust for E-Conunerce 10 Trustworthiness Evaluation & Design 11 Further research 12 Conclusions 13 References Chapter 3 Berry Schoenmakers and Henk van Tilborg What Cryptology Can Mean for Electronic Commerce 1 Introduction 2 Cryptographic Primitives 3 Cryptographic Protocols 4 Further Possibilities and Impossibilities 5 Concluding Remarks 6 References Chapter 4 Dennis Abrazhevich Importance of User-related Factors in Electronic Payment Systems 1 Introduction 2 Classification of Payment Mechanisms: State of the Art 3 Overview of Internet Payment Mechanisms 4 Problems with User Acceptance of Electronic Payment Systems 5 Survey of User of Payment Systems 6 Discussion 7 References 8 Appendix: Summary Of The Survey Organizational Chapter 5 Kaiyin Huang A Managerial Perspective of Security in Electronic Business 1 Introduction 2 The Framework of Inter-Organisational Systems and the Management of Electronic Business 3 Security Challenge in Communication 4 Security Challenge in Organisational IT Resources 5 Security in Human Resources 6 Protection from Business Environment 7 Conclusions 8 References Chapter 6 Mike Papazoglou, Piet Ribbers, Alea M. Fairchild Integrated Value Chains in E-Commerce and their IT Implications 1 Introduction 2 New Internet-Oriented Business Models 3 Enabling Technologies: Business Objects and Processes 4 Business Interoperability at the Cross-Enterprise Level 5 Change Management 6 The Role of the Infrastructure 7 Summary 8 References Chapter 7 Piet Ribbers, Alea M. Fairchild, Eric van Heck" Jack Kleijnen Creating Alternative Electronic Trading Mechanisms in Time-Sensitive Transaction Markets 1 Introduction 2 Review of Research Literature 3 Descriptive Framework 4 The Dutch Flower Industry 5 The Teleflower Auction (TFA) Case 6 Comparison of TF A with other Electronic Markets initiatives in the Financial Securities Sector 7 Observations 8 Conclusions 9 Acknowledgement 10 References Chapter 8 Paul De Hert European Data Protection and E-Commerce: Trust Enhancing? 1 Introduction 2 European Data Protection Law 3 Can the Consumers Trust the Internet? 4 Can the Americans Trust the European Approach to Data Protection? 5 Conclusion 6 Bibliography Chapter 9 Rik Geurts Legal Aspects of Software Agents 1 Introduction 2 What Are Software Agents? 3 What People Are Involved? 4 Legal Aspects of Software Agents 5 Overview of Regulatory Initiatives Regarding Software Agents in the United States, Canada and Europe 6 Conclusion 7 Bibliography Chapter 10 Maurice Schellekens and Leo van der Wees ADR and ODR in Electronic Commerce 1 Outline 2 What is ADR? 3 ADR Systems in an On-line Environment (ODR) 4 ODR: Nature