Store International The Tax Treatment of Financial Instruments
The Tax Treatment of Financial Instruments

The Tax Treatment of Financial Instruments

By Cyrille David, Geerten Michielse, Manuel Theisen, Martin Wenz, John Tiley


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This book is the first to present a general overview of the tax treatments of various financial instruments in four important EC member states: France, Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. International tax specialists from these countries have planned and drafted this text in accordance with the comparative and pragmatic idea underlying the Series on International Taxation. For a long time now, enterprises have been using various financial instruments to finance their operations and to reinvest their liquid assets. The variety of these instruments has increased over the past 15 years through the development of both hybrid and risk-covering instruments. This publication clearly states the most important tax differences and indicates those areas where EC harmonization is imperative. Furthermore, it allows the reader to examine financial instruments, not only in terms of their independent functions, but also their functions in the context of different tax systems. Audience: Ideal for consultants and students in international tax law.
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Table of Contents
    Preface. General Introduction. General Facts. 1. Financial Instruments Used by Corporations. 2. Tax Rules Applicable to These Financial Instruments. France. 1. Introduction. 2. Debt. 3. Equity. 4. Hybrid Instruments. 5. Investment Trusts and Mutual Funds (SICAV and Fonds Communs de Placement) 6. Instruments of Management of Risks. 7. General Conclusion. Germany. 1. General Introduction. 2. Equity. 3. Debt. 4. Hybrid Financial Instruments. 5. Use of International Finance Companies. 6. Risk Hedging Financial Instruments. The Netherlands. 1. General Introduction. 2. Classical Financial Instruments. 3. Hybrid Financial Instruments. 4. Risk-Covering Financial Instruments. 5. Funds for Joint Account. United Kingdom. 1. General Introduction. 2. Fixed Gain Investment. 3. Shares and Similar Instruments (Variable Gain). 4. Mixed Instruments. 5. Instruments Permitting Protection Against Risks. 6. Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds. General Index.