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The Rights Inernational Companion to Criminal Law

By F. Forrest Martin, Joseph Wilson


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Over the last ten years there have been dramatic changes in international relations accompanied by an exponential growth of international law--especially in human rights and humanitarian law. To competently meet the challenges presented by these developments, law students and lawyers must learn how international law relates to, informs, and can trump domestic law in the fields of constitutional law, property, and criminal law and procedure.

International law, however, is rarely required in law school. The Rights International Companion series is designed both as a series of international human rights, humanitarian, and comparative law supplements to law student casebooks on constitutional law, property, and criminal law and procedure, as well as a quick, helpful reference for lawyers.

Each Companion tracks the themes of major coursebooks. Cross-references to these coursebooks are provided on the Rights International website:

Rights International is a non-profit organization that procides legal assistance to victims of human rights violations before international courts and tribunals. Rights International has the largest international human rights case docket spanning four continents. They also train lawyers and law students in international human rights law and practice.

Publish Date 07/01/1999
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Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041193322
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Table of Contents
  1. An Overview of International Criminal Law and Its Enforcement Mechanisms. I. The Sources and Principles of International Law. II. How International Human Rights, Humanitarian, and Criminal Law Is Binding on U.S. and Other Domestic Courts. III. The History and Operations of International Human Rights, Humanitarian, and Criminal Tribunals
  2. Principles of State Liability and Individual Culpability. I. State Liability for Failure to Investigate, Prosecute, and Punish Gross Human Rights Violations and Other International Crimes. II. Conspiracy and Corporate Responsibility. III. Individual Culpability and Defenses

    International Crimes. I. War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Grave Breaches of the Geneva Conventions. II. Genocide. III. Disappearances. IV. Sexual Assault

  3. Criminal Procedure. I. Police Practices. II. Trial Due Process Protections
  4. Punishment and Accountability. I. Death Penalty: Its Applications and Death Row Phenomenon. II. Accountability Models