Store International The Practical U.S. Resource Guide To The European Union
The Practical U.S. Resource Guide To The European Union

The Practical U.S. Resource Guide To The European Union

By Christian D. De Fouloy


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This timely guide will be a welcome resource for Americans at home and abroad, as well as those who defend American interests throughout Europe. Prepared by an American public affairs spcialist with a wide experience on both sides of the Atlantic, the importance of this volume for American companies and their advisers operating or contemplating setting up in the European Union will be immediately recognized.

Its content includes comprehensive listings on all U.S. sources for contacts and information on the European Union both in Brussels and in the United States. Names of key individuals dealing with the United States at the Commission and Parliamentary levels are also included. A special legal Section identifies all U.S. law firms with offices in Brussels and lists over 150 attorneys and their areas of practice.

Publish Date 09/01/1998
Publish Frequency As Needed
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041106414
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Table of Contents
    Introduction. Part I in Brussels, Belgium: US Mission to the EU. The American Chamber of Commerce – EU Committee. The American-European Community Association (AECA). The Transatlantic Business Dialogue (TABD). Key People Dealing with the USA at the European Commission Level. Key People Dealing with the USA at the European Parliament Level. US Trade Associations Represented in Brussels. US Regional, City, State and Port Authority Offices Represented in Brussels and Elsewhere in Europe. US Consultants Specializing in European Matters. Other Consultants Specializing in EU Matters with Affiliates and/or Correspondent Offices in the USA. US Law Firms Represented in Brussels. US Banks Represented in Brussels. US Accounting Firms Represented in Brussels. US Media and Newspapers Represented in Brussels. Major US Corporate Representatives to the EU. The American Club of Brussels (ACB). Part II in the United States: EU Delegations to the US, Office of Press and Public Affairs, EU Delegation to the United Nations, EU/US Chamber of Commerce, European Documents Research, Electronic Information Products Distributors. Team Europe Info Service USA. EU-Information Centers/USA. Annexes: A. The Economic Relationship. B. The New Transatlantic Agenda. C. United States Barriers to Trade and Investment as Reported by the EU Commission. Index.