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The Law of Globalization: An Introduction by Laurence Boulle

The Law of Globalization: An Introduction

By Laurence Boulle


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There is a growing clamor ― particularly from the main beneficiaries of globalization ― that rules need to be established to govern the international economy, with a specific focus on questions such as copyright violations, trade sanctions, and protections for increased foreign investment.

While there is little doubt that globalization is a major contributor to changes in the definition, boundaries and nature of law, the question remains as to how much law and regulation from different sources is compatible with the assumptions of economic globalization. From a market perspective the point at which state law and regulation move from ‘legitimate’ non-economic interests into the ‘illegitimate’ restriction of trade and investment will materialize much sooner than it will from other perspectives. These theoretical questions arise in concrete form for the decisions of international economic institutions such as the WTO.

This thoughtful work focuses on the different forms of law which create the legal infrastructure of economic globalization and on how they interact with one another. It also explains how law is used both to maintain and oppose aspects of globalization. In addition it evaluates the governance of the global political economy in terms of the standards of the Rule of Law.

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Table of Contents
List of Abbreviations Preface Chapter 1 Introduction 1. Objectives and Background 2. Principles and Practices in Globalization 3. Trends in Globalization Practice 4. Evaluating Globalization 5. Law and Regulation in a Globalization Context 6. Other Introductory Concepts Chapter 2 The Laws of the Market System 1. The Market System 2. The Market System and the Law 3. The Legal Framework of the Market 4. Extending the Market Globally 5. Dispute Resolution and the Market 6. Conclusion Chapter 3 National Law and Globalization 1. Globalization and the State 2. Domestic Law that Facilitates Globalization 3. Case Study on Domestic Law and Globalization 4. Domestic Dispute Resolution Supporting Globalization 5. The Changing Nature of Domestic Economic Law 6. Conclusion Chapter 4 Globalization and the International Law of Treaties 1. The Nature of Treaty Law 2. International Law on Trade and Investment 3. Case Illustrations of International Treaty Law 4. Regional and Bilateral Treaties 5. Dispute Resolution under International Treaties 6. Conclusion Chapter 5 The Laws of International Organizations 1. International Economic Organizations 2. The World Trade Organization 3. Dispute Resolution through Global Institutions 4. Governance and Regulation by International Organizations 5. Conclusion Chapter 6 Globalization Opposition and Alternatives 1. Opposition to Globalization 2. Grounds of Opposition and Resistance 3. Strategic Responses to Globalization 4. Targets of Resistance and Opposition 5. Alternative Approaches to Globalization 6. Conclusion Chapter 7 Emerging Law and Governance in the Global Economy 1. Elaborations of Existing Institutions 2. Prospective Global Institutions and Procedures 3. Contemporary Challenges to Economic Globalization Norms 4. Emerging Collaboration in Global Governance 5. Conclusion Chapter 8 Globalization and the Rule of Law 1. Defining Features of the Rule of Law 2. The Rule of Law in Contemporary Globalization 3. Developing a Global Rule of Law 4. Functions for a Global Rule of Law 5. Conclusion Bibliography of Principal Works Index