Store International The Evolving Concept of Community Citizenship, From the Free Movement of Persons to Union Citizenship

The Evolving Concept of Community Citizenship, From the Free Movement of Persons to Union Citizenship

By Síofra O'Leary


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This book is based on the doctoral thesis which the author prepared and defended at the European University Institute in Florence. Following the adoption of the Treaty on European Union, the concept of Community or Union citizenship has been the subject of widespread academic and political debate.

Part I of this book provides a framework within which to examine the concept of Community or Union citizenship. It distinguishes nationality and citizenship, discusses the importance of Member State nationality for both free movement of persons in the European Community and Union citizenship and, finally, examines the traditional requirement in Community law of involvement in an economic activity.

Part II focuses on the relationship between the principle of equal treatment and Union citizenship, given the fact that many of the rights conferred on Union citizens are simply extended to them on the basis of the principle of equal treatment.

Finally, Part III looks beyond equal treatment and questions whether a direct relationship can be said to exist between Union citizens and the Union. It also suggests some of the issues relevant to citizenship which may feature at the forthcoming Intergovernmental Conference in 1996.

The overall objective of the book is to discuss whether citizenship is an appropriate description of the rights which Union citizens enjoy on the basis of Community law or the duties to which they may become subject.

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Table of Contents
  1. The Concepts of Nationality and Citizenship
  2. Member State Nationality and Community Citizenship
  3. The Economic Parameters of Community Citizenship
  4. Rights of Free Movement and Residence
  5. Free Movement, Education and Community Citizenship
  6. Equal Treatment and Political Participation (I)
  7. Equal Treatment and Political Participation (II)
  8. Beyond the Principle of Equal Treatment: The Relationship Between Union Citizens and the Union