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Software Patents, Third Edition by Gregory A. Stobbs

Software Patents, Third Edition

By Gregory A. Stobbs


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Never before has one resource broken down the process for drafting software patent specifications and claims into manageable segments. Software Patents, Third Edition will show you how to draft accurate, complete patent applications -- applications that will be approved by the patent office and that will stand in court if challenged. It discusses what a software patent is and the legal protection it offers; who holds software patents and for what inventions; and the steps you can take to protect software inventions in the worldwide marketplace. The book also explores internet and e-commerce patents and information protection using the software patent.

Completely revised and updated in a new looseleaf format, Software Patents, Third Edition is your authoritative source for expert guidance on:

  • Strategic software patent protection
  • Prior art searches
  • Drafting claims
  • Drafting the software patent specification
  • Requirements for software patent drawings
  • Patent Office examination guidelines
  • International software patent protection
  • Beta testing software inventions
  • Integrating software patents with industry standards
  • Invalidity defenses in software patent litigation

Last Updated 05/01/2018
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Table of Contents
  1. History of Software Patents
  2. Software Technology Primer for the Attorney
  3. A Review of Legal Concepts for the Software Professional
  4. What is Patentable Subject Matter
  5. Searching for Prior Art
  6. Software Patent Specification
  7. Software Patent Drawings
  8. Drafting Claims of Proper Scope
  9. Examination of the Application by the Patent Office
  10. International Patent Protection for Software
  11. What Software is Patented?
  12. Strategic Software Patent Protection
  13. Beta Testing Software Inventions
  14. Internet and E-Commerce Patents
  15. Integrating Software Patents with Industry Standards
  16. Protecting Information Using the Software Patent
  17. Successful Defenses in Software Patent Litigation
  • Appendix A. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Public Hearing on Use of the Patent System to Protect Software-Related Inventions
  • Appendix B. Software Classification System of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Appendix C. Letter of Thomas Jefferson to Isaac McPherson, Dated August 13, 1813
  • Appendix D. Copy of Bilski et al Patent Application that was subject of Bilski v. Kappos
  • Appendix E. Subject Matter Eligibility of Computer Readable Media
  • Table of Cases
  • Index