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Social Security Law in Lithuania by Ipolitas Nekrosius, Vida Petrylaite

Social Security Law in Lithuania - Second Edition

By Ipolitas Nekrosius, Vida Petrylaite


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Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this book describes the social security regime in Lithuania. It conveys a clear working knowledge of the legal mechanics affecting health care, employment injuries and occupational diseases, incapacity to work, pensions, survivors’ benefits, unemployment benefits and services, and family benefits.

The analysis covers the field of application, conditions for entitlement, calculation of benefits, financing, the institutional framework, and relevant law enforcement and controls. Allowances for retirees, employees, public sector workers, the self-employed, and the handicapped are all clearly explained, along with full details of claims, adjudication procedures, and appeals.

Succinct yet eminently practical, the book will be a valuable resource for lawyers handling social security matters in Lithuania. It will be of practical utility to those both in public service and private practice called on to develop and to apply social security law and policy, and of special interest as a contribution to the comparative study of social security systems.

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Publish Date 08/05/2014
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ISBN 9789041154408
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Table of Contents

The Authors

List of Abbreviations

General Introduction

Chapter 1. General Background

Chapter 2. Introduction to Social Security System

Part I. The Institutions

Chapter 1. Central Governmental Institutions

Chapter 2. Social Security Institutions under Ministries

Chapter 3. Municipal Social Departments

Chapter 4. Private Institutions

Part II. Contribution and Financing

Chapter 1. Contribution Regulation

Chapter 2. Administration

Part IV. Family Allowances

Part V. Benfits for Children

Part VI. Incapacity to Work

Chapter 1. Field of Application

Chapter 2. Conditions

Chapter 3. Amount of Benefits

Part VII. Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases

Chapter 1. Field of Application

Chapter 2. Concept of Occupational Accident and Diseases

Chapter 3. Benefits

Part VIII. Sickness and Vocational Rehabilitation

Part IX. Unemployment

Chapter 1. Employment Support

Chapter 2. Unemployment Benefits

Part X. Old-Age and Survivors’ Pensions

Part XI. Social Assistance Benefits

Chapter 1. Field of Application

Chapter 2. Benefits and Beneficiaries

Part XII. Minimum Income Support

Chapter 1. Field of Application

Chapter 2. Benefits and Beneficiaries

Part XIII. Transport Privileges

Part XIV. State Pensions

Chapter 1. Field of Application

Chapter 2. Pensions and Beneficiaries

Selected Bibliography