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Simplification of Debt Collection in the EU

Edited by Vesna Rijavec, Tomaž Keresteš, Tjaša Ivanc


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European Monographs Series Volume 90

Simplification of Debt Collection in the EU is a new title that provides in-depth commentary and analysis on the different remedies available for debt collection in the EU.

Simplification of Debt Collection in the EU examines the three main EU regulations facilitating cross-border debt collection and the solutions relating to recognition and enforcement in the enacted but not yet enforced Recast Brussels 1 Regulation. Individual chapters concentrating on each of the 13 Member States contain analysis by local experts and an evaluation of national summary procedures, and provide a unique insight into practice across the EU. Individual country biographies facilitate further research. Recognizing that access to remedies is among the chief factors in determining the speed and success of proceedings, emphasis throughout this title is on the analysis of legal remedies safeguarding the right of parties and offering practical guidance.

The field of debt collection in the EU is undergoing significant change and this title represents a giant step forward in demonstrating the opportunities and potential problems these developments could bring. The coverage of Simplification of Debt Collection in the EU is comprehensive, and among the issues and topics covered are the following: ;

  • how to easily choose a competent court;
  • service of documents;
  • state of IT operational options in judicial procedures;
  • safeguarding the debtor’s rights;
  • non-compliance with jurisdiction concerning insurance, consumer contracts, and contracts of employment;
  • changes of parties and legal succession during the procedure;
  • interim decisions;
  • small claims procedure;
  • electronic enforcement procedure;
  • opposition by the defendant;
  • effects of the absence of timely defence;
  • appeal against judgment; and
  • problems caused by language and by different definitions of key notions

Simplification of Debt Collection in the EU, edited by Vesna Rijavec, Tomaz Kerestes, Tjasa Ivanc is your authoritative guide to debt collection throughout the EU and will be invaluable to both practitioners and academics. Gain valuable insight into the practice of individual member states with dedicated chapters written by leading experts and ensure that you are up to date with the latest developments in debt collection legislation and their potential impact with this definitive guide.

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Last Updated 09/25/2014
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 Introductory Chapter. Vesna Rijavec, Jorg Sladicˇ & José Caramelo Gomes.

Chapter 2 Austria: Vereinfachte Forderungsbetreibung in Österreich. Wolfgang Jelinek.

Chapter 3 Germany: Vereinfachte Forderungsbetreibung in Deutschland. Joachim Münch & Meik Thöne.

Chapter 4 Czech Republic: Simplification of Debt Collection in Czech Republic – National and EU Perspective. Petr Lavický.

Chapter 5 Poland: Simplification of Debt Collection in Poland – National and EU Perspective. Piotr Fiedorczyk & Katarzyna Bagan-Kurluta.

Chapter 6 France: Simplification of Debt Collection in France – National and EU Perspective. Martin Oudin.

Chapter 7 Belgium: Simplification of Debt Collection in Belgium – National and EU Perspective. Erik De Caluwé.

Chapter 8 Netherlands: Debt Collection in the Netherlands from a National and EU Perspective. Fokke Fernhout.

Chapter 9 Italy: Simplification of Debt Collection in Italy – National and EU Perspectives. Elisabetta Silvestri.

Chapter 10 Portugal: Simplification of Debt Collection in Portugal – National and EU Perspective. José Caramelo Gomes, Maria João Mimoso, Noémia Bessa Vilela & Cláudia Cordeiro de Almeida.

Chapter 11 Finland: Simplification of Debt Collection in Finland – National and EU Perspective. Maarit Leppänen & Asko Välimaa.

Chapter 12 Sweden: Simplification of Debt Collection in Sweden – National and EU Perspective. Mikael Berglund.

Chapter 13 Croatia: Simplification of Debt Collection in Croatia – National and EU Perspective. Jasnica Garašic´.

Chapter 14 Slovenia: Simplification of Debt Collection in the EU – European Order for Payment Procedure and European Small Claims Procedure. Tomaž Keresteš & Andrej Ekart.

Chapter 15 Slovenia: Barriers to Full Computerisation of Judicial Proceedings in Slovenia. Tjaša Ivanc, Urška Kežmah & Boštjan Kežmah.