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Saudi Capital Market. Development and Challenges by ALKHALDI

Saudi Capital Market: Development and Challenges

By Bader Alkhaldi


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International Banking and Finance Law Series Volume 31

Saudi Capital Market: Developments and Challenges provides an accurate independent assessment of the Saudi economy and the development of its capital market. A thriving capital market, one that not only brings investment funds into a country but also distributes profits in a transparent matter, is essential for any economy, especially a rapidly developing one such as Saudi Arabia. Already a key player on the world stage, the Kingdom is going through major planned economic transformation and diversification. In particular, a robust and transparent capital market, with a high level of integrity and sound enforcement, is well on the way to fruition. This book is the first in English to analyze and evaluate the roles of economic planning and a capital market in Saudi Arabia’s economic modernization.

What’s in this book:

In the process of examining the level of transparency and fairness in Saudi Arabia’s capital market, the author provides detailed information and analysis of such issues and topics as the following:

  • market disclosure rules;
  • insider trading laws;
  • gaps in enforcement;
  • dispute resolution;
  • role of securities agencies;
  • Saudi Arabia’s position in international organizations; and
  • repercussions of the 2006 Saudi stock market collapse.

The author draws on a wide range of sources in both English and Arabic and concludes with well-grounded proposals for appropriate judicial, administrative, and enforcement policies.

How this will help you:

This book compares and contrasts the Saudi capital market with other capital market systems. Given the relative lack of literature in this area, this book serves as a bridge to gain useful resources at a practical, policy-making and academic level, especially for non-Saudis looking for legal knowledge and investment opportunities in the Kingdom. The information contained in this publication on the investment climate and applicable rules in Saudi Arabia serves as a useful handbook for lawyers and policymakers, as well as investors and attorneys, and other advisors with an eye on trade development in the Middle East to understand the Saudi capital market, its developing trends, and applicable laws.

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Table of Contents



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Chapter 1 The Backdrop: Transformation of the Traditional Commodity-Based Economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Chapter 2 Saudi Capital Market and Its Role in the Saudi Economy

Chapter 3 Developing an Effective Securities Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Chapter 4 Disclosure Regulations and Their Enforcement in the Saudi Capital Market

Chapter 5 Insider Trading in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Chapter 6 Conclusions and Recommendations

Appendix I Saudi Capital Market Law

Appendix II Saudi Market Conduct Regulations