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Russian Company Law, Basic Legislation, 3e

By William E. Butler


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Anyone doing business in Russia, or contemplating it, will appreciate this handy one-volume collection of all Russian laws related to business activity. The Third Edition of Russian Company Law presents superb English translations of laws, as amended through the end of 1999, governing the forms of `judicial person' offered to investors by the Russian Civil Code, including the Joint-Stock Society (ZAO or OAO) and the Limited Responsibility Society (OOO).

Also included are the laws on licensing of business activities, insurance, insolvency, banking, securities, foreign investment, noncommercial organisations, and philanthropic activities.

The editors' extremely valuable introductory essay provides clear guidance on such important issues as stockholder liability, withdrawal and expulsion rights of co-investors, required charter capital, and acquisition procedures.

Publish Date 04/01/2000
Publish Frequency As Needed
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ISBN 9789041188465
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Table of Contents
    On the Development of Russian Company Law; W.E. Butler, M.E. Gashi-Butler. General Provisions. Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Part One) `Excerpts'. Federal Law on Licensing Individual Types of Activity (25 september 1998, as amended). Federal Law on Insurance (27 November 1992, as amended). Federal Law on Insolvency (or Bankruptcy) (8 January 1998). Federal Law on Insolvency (or Bankruptcy) of Credit Organisations (25 February 1999, as amended). Economic Societies and Partnerships. Federal Law on Limited Responsibility Societies (4 January 1998, as amended). Federal Law on Joint-Stock Societies (26 December 1995, as amended). Federal Law on the Peculiarities of the Legal Status of Joint-Stock Societies of Workers (People's Enterprises) (19 July 1998). Law on Banks and Banking Activities (2 December 1990, as amended). State and Municipal Unitary Enterprises. Decree on Federal State Unitary Enterprises Based on the Right of Economic Jurisdiction (6 December 1999). Decree on the Transfer of Federal State Unitary Enterprises to the Ownership of Subjects of the Russian Federation (9 December 1999). Noncommercial Organisations. Federal Law on Noncommercial Organisations (12 January 1996, as amended). Federal Law on Philanthropic Activity and Philanthropic Organisations (11 August 1995). Objects of Civil Rights. Federal Law on the Securities Market (22 April 1996, as amended). Federal Law on Defence of the Rights and Legal Interests of Investors on the Securities Market (5 March 1999). Foreign Investment. Federal Law on Foreign Investments in the Russian Federation (9 July 1999). Federal Law on Investments in the Form of Capital Investments (25 February 1999, as amended).