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Rescue Of Companies, The Role Of Shareholders, Creditors

By Winfried F. Schmitz, Joren De Wachter, Pekka Jaatinen


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More and more, company rescue has become a viable alternative to liquidation of a failing company via bankruptcy proceedings. Company rescue seeks to preserve the healthy parts of a company and to put it back on secure footing.

Rescue of Companies reports practical experiences on company rescues with particular emphasis on transactional aspects. Drawing on expert experience, the book comprises 24 national reports, including reports from 23 jurisdictions and a General Report which offers a summary of major differences, peculiarities, and common principles arising out of the various jurisdictions.

The comparative approach makes this a useful work for those in academia. Practitioners in bankruptcy law, corporate counsel, and businesspeople should also read this work to stay abreast of a growing trend in treating companies that confront financial failure.

Publish Date 07/01/1998
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041107435
SKU 9041107436