Store International Reframing Self-Regulation In European Private Law

Reframing Self-Regulation In European Private Law

By Fabrizio Cafaggi


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In this thought-provoking book thirteen outstanding authorities from various EU jurisdictions examine the legal basis of self-regulation and its function in the process of European legal integration, with particular reference to European private law. The authors offer in-depth analysis of self-regulation in the context of current economic and political conditions in Europe, and investigate the effects of self-regulation on such societal factors as the following:

  • the European social dialogue;
  • the professions;
  • consumer protection;
  • the media; and
  • corporate social responsibility.
This book is among the first to raise these vital issues, and the first to examine self-regulation in depth with reference to specific sectors. The essays identify trends set in motion by self-regulation among major actors, and the authors do not hesitate to offer insightful criticisms and recommendations. For these reasons, this book will be of great value to policymakers and business people, as well as to legal academics, for years to come, as self-regulation assumes ever more salience in our economic and social fabric.

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Table of Contents

List of Contributors, Preface New Modes of Regulation in Europe: Critical Rethinking of the Recent European Paths Fabrizio Cafaggi Part One 1 Chapter 1 Rethinking Private Regulation in the European Regulatory Space Fabrizio Cafaggi Chapter 2 The Constitutional Dimension of Self-Regulation Aileen McHarg Chapter 3 Agents Without Principals? Delegation in an Age of Diffuse and Fragmented Governance Peter L. Lindseth Chapter 4 Self-Regulation and the Meta-Regulatory State Colin Scott Chapter 5 Constitutional Boundaries to Self-Regulation: a Comparative Appraisal Jacques Ziller Part Two Chapter 6 The Government and Citizenship of Self-Regulation Damian Chalmers Chapter 7 A Constitutional Perspective on Self-Regulation: The Case of the European Social Dialogue Stijn Smismans Chapter 8 Marie Curie Fellow, Law Department, European University Institute of Florence and Faculty of Law, University of Nancy Ségolène Barbou des Places Chapter 9 University of Utrecht Ewoud Hondius Chapter 10 Self-Regulation, Politics and Law: the Example of the Media Tony Prosser Chapter 11 A European Perspective of Self-Regulation in the Media Susanne Nikoltchev Chapter 12 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a Model of ‘Extended’ Corporate Governance: an Explanation Based on The Economic Theories of Social Contract, Reputation and Reciprocal Conformism Lorenzo Sacconi Chapter 13 Epilogue: On Regulating the Regulation of Regulation Neil Walker