Store International Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in China. Rules, Practice and Strategies

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in China. Rules, Practice and Strategies

By Wenliang Zhang


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This masterful analysis describes and analyses not only the formal rules affecting recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments (REJ) in China but also the “hidden” or latent factors that must be understood. Along with in-depth descriptions of the formal channels of international dispute resolution in China – national laws, bilateral treaties, and multilateral conventions – the book covers numerous elements essential for understanding REJ in China, including the following:
  • the “equalization of effects” approach in China;
  • the PRC’s legal system on REJ in China;
  • China’s reciprocity requirement;
  • China’s jurisdictional requirement;
  • the public policy defence under Chinese law;
  • the concept of “natural justice” in Chinese law;
  • the defence of parallel proceedings or conflicting judgments;
  • the structure of China’s courts system;
  • procedures and costs;
  • availability of provisional and protective measures;
  • legal culture and other important factors; and
  • an overview of a selected court’s practice.
Clearly, REJ in China calls for systematic understanding. This book takes the first giant step to that end, and will be hugely appreciated by business persons and counsel seeking to have foreign judgments recognized and enforced in China, or from a broad perspective, to arrange dispute resolution when Chinese elements are involved. Academics will appreciate the clear light it sheds on one of the thorniest issues in private international law.

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Pages 392
Publish Date 07/24/2014
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ISBN 9789041152275
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Table of Contents



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Chapter 1 A Preliminary Issue: Effects of Foreign Judgments in China.

Chapter 2 The Skeleton: The Legal System regarding the REJ in China.

Chapter 3 The Flesh: The Judicial System Supporting the REJ in China.

Chapter 4 The Spirit: The Hidden Factors Influencing the REJ in China.

Chapter 5 A Bird’s-Eye View of a Selected Chinese Court’s Practice.

Chapter 6 Conclusion.