Store International Quick Reference to the Trade and Customs Law of China - 3rd Edition
Quick Reference to the Trade and Customs Law of China - 3rd Edition by  PwC Worldtrade Management Services

Quick Reference to the Trade and Customs Law of China - 3rd Edition

By PWC Worldtrade Management Services


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Quick Reference to the Trade and Customs Law of China is a highly practical resource helping to ease the complexity of the PRC’s trade and customs law. Because it’s written by experts with extensive hands-on experience in the field you’ll quickly find it provides you with the insights needed to anticipate and handle common challenges. And most importantly it will help you to capitalize on the vast opportunities open to enterprises doing business with China. As reader you gain:

  • Practical, easy-to-understand perspectives which identify challenges - as well as opportunities - and provide answers that lead to enterprise-friendly solutions and cost-effective planning.
  • Highly accessible and timely coverage, including field tested insights, prepared by experienced customs and international trade professionals at PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  • East-to-follow flowcharts and a host of English language forms to ensure you have instant direction to get things right the first time.

A “one stop” resource that saves you time by keeping you up-to-date with the ins-and-outs of China’s trade and customs law. You will find expert coverage of:

  • Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine
  • Import/export licensing
  • Tariff classification dispute settlement
  • Methods of customs valuation
  • Certificates of origin ;
  • Processing trade enterprises
  • Export processing and free trade zones
  • Duty exemption policy for capital equipment
  • Temporary import/export of goods
  • Administrative and legal remedies in a customs audit
  • and much more…

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Last Updated 11/01/2012
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Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations

Chapter 1 Overview of China Customs and Trade Laws

Chapter 2 Administration of Customs and Trade Laws

Chapter 3 General Import and Export Customs Procedures

Chapter 4 Tariff Classification of Goods

Chapter 5 Customs Valuation of Goods

Chapter 6 Country of Origin

Chapter 7 Free Trade Agreements

Chapter 8 Processing Trade

Chapter 9 Bonded Zones

Chapter 10 Duty-Exempt Capital Equipment

Chapter 11 Other Duty Reductions and Suspensions

Chapter 12 Customs Audits and Investigations