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Proving Damages to the Jury - James Publishing by Laura Brown ,Jim Wren

Proving Damages to the Jury - James Publishing

By Jim Wren, Laura Brown


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Here is a comprehensive plan for dealing with the damages aspect of your case, from the outset of the litigation through the close of trial. Built on a solid foundation of current scientific research and more than 30 years of in-the-trenches trial experience, this 800-page masterwork will help you understand juror biases and motivations, develop persuasive evidence of damages, and talk to jurors in a way that triggers the jurors’ natural desire to do what is right and significant by awarding damages to your client.

To give your clients justice, you need something more than a “hit or miss / hope and go” approach to damages. You need an intelligent damages strategy that encompasses every phase of the litigation and trial. Proving Damages to the Jury gives you that strategy.

Relying on a solid foundation of current jury science research and more than 30 years of courtroom experience, author Jim Wren walks you through every step of your damages case, from the initial screening of a potential client to closing argument at trial.

With this newly revised edition of Proving Damages to the Jury, we are pleased to welcome a co-author: Laura Brown, a partner in Williams & Brown. Together, author Jim Wren and Ms. Brown and have updated the book with new and expanded coverage of a broad range of substantive topics and practical advice, including:


  • Client Interview and Investigation
  • Valuations and Damage Models
  • Damage Experts and Daubert/Frye Issues
  • Working With Damage Experts
  • Developing Your Visual Strategy
  • Confronting Difficult Fact Issues, including:
    • Pre-existing conditions.
    • Loss of consortium.
    • Vicarious liability.
  • Scientific Proof of Brain Injury

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Publish Date 08/06/2018
Publish Frequency Annually
Product Line Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.
ISBN 9781945421914
SKU 10070122-0001
Table of Contents

Part 1: How to Create the Story for Damages
Chapter 1: Why Jurors Assess Big Damages
Chapter 2: Credibility Is Vital for Maximizing Damages
Chapter 3: How to Frame the Damages Story
Chapter 4: Delving Into the Story

Part 2: How to Build the Right Damage Model
Chapter 5: Client Interview and Investigation
Chapter 6: Valuations and Damage Models
Chapter 7: Damage Experts and Daubert/Frye Issues
Chapter 8: Working With Damages Experts
Chapter 9: Valuation of Intangible Damages

Part 3: How to Prepare the Damage Case for Trial
Chapter 10: Discovery Tactics to Maximize Damages
Chapter 11: Developing Your Visual Strategy
Chapter 12: Testing Damages Before Trial

Part 4: How to Prove Damages in Trial
Chapter 13: Group Formation with the Jury
Chapter 14: Voir Dire
Chapter 15: Opening Statement
Chapter 16: Direct Examination
Chapter 17: Cross Examination

Part 5: How to Handle Unique Issues in Damage Cases
Chapter 18: Closing Argument
Chapter 19: Punitive Damages
Chapter 20: Confronting Difficult Fact Issues
Chapter 21: Scientific Proof of Brain Injury
Chapter 22: Economic Loss Rule
Chapter 23: Other Legal Battles on Damages

Table of Statutes
Table of Cases