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Personal Pensions in the EU by Gerard Staats

Personal Pensions in the EU

By Gerard Staats


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EUCOTAX Series on European Taxation Volume 42

This new book provides you with an in-depth view on personal pensions in the EU. It proposes a model plan for Member States that complies with European and international tax law, and that also contributes to EU tax strategy. If you need to compare the legislation between the retirement provisions of countries such as Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Sweden, you’ll find this book packed with recommendations and conclusions that are helpful and relevant to the EU in general.

The problem

Over recent decades in the EU, as in developed economies in general, taxpayers have become increasingly responsible for their own pensions. Yet to date there has been no specific scientific research with respect to personal pension plans – their adequacy, safety, sustainability, transparency and accessibility.

The answer

This new book fills that gap. Helping you to learn and apply the answers to your own work, the author covers topics such as:

  • the taxation of personal pensions
  • the question of whether or not a state has a tax claim when the taxpayer lived in that state when building up a personal pension
  • differences between occupational and personal pensions
  • defined benefit versus defined contribution systems
  • the payout phase
  • mandatory versus voluntary participation
  • providers, fees, and information and education.

Comprehensive coverage includes:

  • the labour market mobility, especially in regard to non-standard employment and self-employment;
  • gender-related inequalities in pension entitlements;
  • quality of financial products for individual retirement savings;
  • pension tracking systems;
  • which providers should be allowed to participate, and under what conditions;
  • the ability to pay principle;
  • emigration of taxpayers and the transferability of provisions;
  • rules regarding providers of personal pensions;
  • open market options;
  • tax-free accounts.

How this book will help you: This is the first study to deal with the adequacy, safety, sustainability, transparency and accessibility of personal pension plans – helping you to handle complex pension issues. It includes comparative analysis of pension plan legislation in four major EU jurisdictions. The work provides you with realistic and future-oriented parameters for complying with changes in pension-related tax law, helping you see what may happen in the future. It also identifies the challenges and supplies the solutions to funders looking to maintain a pension system that is adequate, safe and sustainable in the long term.

Who should read this book? This will be essential reading for pension funders, pension practitioners and tax lawyers throughout the EU, along with academics specialising in this area.

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Table of Contents

About the Author


List of Abbreviations

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 International Tax Law

Chapter 3 EU Tax Law

Chapter 4 The Pension System in the Four Countries

Chapter 5 International Issues in the Four Countries

Chapter 6 Elements of an Integrated Personal Pension System

Chapter 7 Neutral Personal Pensions Model

Chapter 8 Summary









Table of Cases: Court of Justice of the European Union