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Offerings of Asset-Backed Securities, Fourth Edition

Offerings of Asset-Backed Securities, Fourth Edition

By John Arnholz, Edward E. Gainor, Reed D. Auerbach


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Regulation AB has made a tremendous impact on the asset-backed securities markets. Where only imprecise, interpretive regulation previously existed, the new Regulation and related rules changes have imposed an extensive array of disclosure requirements. presents the only detailed guidance on the recently adopted securities offering reform rules and their effect on asset-backed securities offerings. It is the first genuine practice manual for this area of the law, covering the critical issues that arise in all relevant areas, including: securities law, tax, bankruptcy, accounting, and more.

Offerings of Asset-Backed Securities, Fourth Edition tells you how to do asset-backed deals from a very practical perspective. It does not concern itself with legal theory. Instead, this unique resource focuses on real-world know-how, delivering:

  • A step-by-step approach to spotting issues and solving problems
  • Practical, transaction-oriented advice from the perspective of experienced practitioners
  • Insights into specific issues that frequently arise in transactions
  • Solutions to common problems

Includes "issue-spotting" checklists and other formatting tools to ensure that this resource serves as a reliable, quick reference.

Offerings of Asset-Backed Securities, Fourth Edition is the only practical, accessible, easy-to-use guide to the new SEC rules and the key issues associated with structuring and executing securitization transactions.

Previous Edition: Offerings of Asset-Backed Securities, Third Edition, ISBN 9781454874201

Publish Date 12/20/2018
Publish Frequency Published annually
Product Line Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.
ISBN 9781543803556
SKU 10065785-7777
Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1. Substantive Regulation of Securitizations
  • Chapter 2. Investor Communications in a Public Offering
  • Chapter 3. Registered Offerings of Asset-Backed Securities
  • Chapter 4. Complying with the Disclosure Requirements for Asset-Backed Securities
  • Chapter 5. Exempt Transactions and Exempt Securities
  • Chapter 6. Periodic Reporting under the Securities Exchange Act
  • Chapter 7. Liabilities and Defenses Under the Federal Securities Laws
  • Chapter 8. The Key to Securitization: Isolating the Assets to be Securitized from the Risk of an Insolvency Proceeding
  • Chapter 9. Federal Income Tax Considerations in Securitization Transactions
  • Chapter 10. Finding an Exemption under the Investment Company Act of 1940
  • Chapter 11. Accounting Considerations
  • Chapter 12. ERISA Considerations
  • Chapter 13. Special Issues for Banks and Thrifts
  • Chapter 14. Issues in Securitization of Particular Asset Types
  • Chapter 15. Various Legal Issues to Consider in Securitizations
  • Appendices
  • Table of Cases
  • Index