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New Approach to Legal Translation by SARCEVIC

New Approach to Legal Translation

By Susan Sarcevic


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One of the first attempts to present a comprehensive study of legal translation, this book is an interdisciplinary study in law and translation theory. It is not bound to any specific languages or legal systems, although emphasis is placed on translation between common law and civil law jurisdictions.

The main focus is on the translation of texts which are authoritative sources of the law; examples are cited primarily from statutes, codes and constitutions (Canada, Switzerland and Belgium), as well as instruments of the European Union and international treaties and conventions.

Dealing with theoretical as well as practical aspects of the subject matter, the author analyses legal translation as an act of communication in the mechanism of the law, thus making it necessary to redefine the goal of legal translation.

This book is intended for both lawyers and linguists, translation theorists, legal translators and drafters, legal lexicographers, as well as teachers and students of translation.

Pages 324
Publish Date 05/01/1997
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Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041104014
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Table of Contents
  1. Introduction: Legal Texts and Legal Translation
  2. History of Legal Translation
  3. Legal Translation -- An Act of Communication Within the Mechanism of the Law
  4. The Changing Role of the Legal Translator
  5. What All Translators Should Know About Legal Texts
  6. Creativity in Legal Translation
  7. The Translation of Multilateral Instruments
  8. Terminological Problems of Legal Translation
  9. Conclusion: The Future of Legal Translation
  10. Bibliography