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Negotiation. Things Corporate Counsel Need To Know But Were Not Taught by LEATHES

Negotiation. Things Corporate Counsel Need To Know But Were Not Taught

By Michael Leathes


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Negotiation: Things Corporate Counsel Need to Know but Were Not Taught focuses on the negotiation of better deals and settlements from an in-house lawyer's perspective. General Electric’s Michael McIlwrath has contributed the Foreword.

Corporate lawyers are rarely trained to negotiate, even though they are frequently required to achieve the earliest and least costly outcomes to deals and disputes. Increasingly, lawyers are expected to lead negotiations.

This incomparable book, the only negotiation book specifically written for corporate counsel, provides tools and techniques to broaden the options for mutual gain beyond the narrow issues most commonly focused on in deal making and dispute resolution and inspires ideas on how to meet top management expectations, to acquire internal authority and to exert control over the process and outcome.

What’s in this book:

The author, a career-long in-house corporate lawyer, covers analysis, preparation, negotiation and closure of deals and dispute settlements to optimize the most desirable outcomes. The book includes detailed, practical treatment of the following and more:

  • exerting strategic influence on the course of a deal or settlement;
  • presenting the Law function as a value generator rather than a cost centre;
  • achieving an outcome-oriented mindset;
  • getting the other side of the table in the right frame of mind;
  • selecting the best and the most appropriate advisers and facilitators;
  • handling emotions productively;
  • managing your own fears and the other party's;
  • understanding how neurobiology and culture impact on negotiating;
  • deploying dispute avoidance strategies;
  • steering unavoidable disputes to the best possible outcomes;
  • maintaining confidentiality and ethics during negotiation;
  • improving negotiation using technology;
  • using emotional and social intelligence in negotiating deals and settlements; and
  • knowing where to find more information on different aspects of negotiation.

How this will help you:

The goal of this book is to inspire, by drawing on the ideas of the leading thinkers in the negotiation field around the world, plus the author's thoughts and examples and practice tools. This enormously helpful book offers proven methods and invaluable insight on successful negotiation processes for both in-house counsel and business lawyers in private practice, as well as business managers and dispute resolvers such as mediators and arbitrators.

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Publish Date 03/15/2017
Publish Frequency As Needed
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041167347
SKU 10058332-0001
Table of Contents

About the Author





Chapter 1 Expectations

Chapter 2 Preparation

Chapter 3 Neuroscience

Chapter 4 Culture

Chapter 5 Leverage

Chapter 6 Communicating

Chapter 7 Process

Chapter 8 Disputes

Chapter 9 Ethics

Chapter 10 Techniques


End Notes


Appendix 1 IMI Olé! Case Analysis and Evaluation Tool

Appendix 2 CPR Corporate Early Case Assessment Toolkit

Appendix 3 Article: Dealing With ‘Selective Perception’ and Bad-Faith Allegations in Commercial Settlement Discussions

Appendix 4 Article: Culture and its Importance in Mediation

Appendix 5 Singapore Arb-Med-Arb Clause and Protocol

Appendix 6 Mediation Suitability Scan

Appendix 7 Sample Roleplay