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Multistate Payroll Guide, 2021 Edition by John F. Buckley IV Multistate Payroll Guide, 2021 Edition by John F. Buckley IV

Multistate Payroll Guide, 2021 Edition

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2021 Multistate Payroll Guide is a valuable tool designed to keep payroll professionals informed about all the complex rules that govern state payroll matters. This newest edition covers every key topic, including:

  • Wage and Hours: Coverage includes the new federal minimum rates as well as the increased rates in many states
  • Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements: Coverage includes the penalties for not keeping the proper records
  • Unemployment Taxes: Explanation of which state covers an employee who works in more than one state, what benefits are considered taxable wages, and the contribution rates and taxable wage base for each state
  • Administration: Tables for how and when to pay an employee, which earnings are subject to child support or garnishment, and what are permitted deductions in each state

The 2021 Multistate Payroll Guide presents essential information in an easy-to-use format that is both concise and visually appealing. You can readily locate information concerning one state's treatment of a particular issue, or compare the treatment required by several different states - all in the same chart.

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Previous Edition: Multistate Payroll Guide, 2020 Edition ISBN 9781543800852

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About The Experts

Highlights of the 2021 Edition include:

  • Recent federal legislation providing relief for the American workforce during the COVID-19 public health emergency.
  • State withholding tax issues during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Recent state legislation raising the salary threshold for the “white collar” exemption to the Fair Labor Standard Act’s overtime compensation requirements.
  • Colorado’s new paid sick leave requirement.
  • Oregon’s new paid family leave program.
  • Recent state legislation and executive orders granting temporary relief from wage garnishment during the public health emergency.
  • The latest short-term disability insurance minimum and maximum weekly benefit amounts.
  • The most recent unemployment compensation minimum and maximum weekly benefit amounts.
  • Thoroughly updated tables throughout the volume.
  • A handy Table of Frequently Consulted Payroll Numbers.