Store International Managing & Disclosing Risks Of Investing In Derrivatives

Managing & Disclosing Risks Of Investing In Derrivatives

By Meredith M. Brown


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This is a practical handbook of key issues relating to investing in derivatives, both from the point of view of customers who purchase and use derivative products, and from the point of view of banks and other dealers.

Among the topics discussed by leading regulators and practitioners in major markets--the United States, the United Kingdom and France--are:

  • risks from using and not using derivatives
  • the disclosures that dealers should make to customers
  • whether derivatives are securities
  • what disclosures should be made by users to their shareholders
  • suits by users against dealers
  • what directors of users should know about derivatives

    This handbook provides an excellent practical introduction to derivatives for company and securities lawyers, bankers and bank lawyers and corporate finance officers.

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    ISBN 9789041109309
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    Table of Contents
    1. The Topic and the Panelists
    2. What is a Derivative?
    3. The Volume of Derivative Trading
    4. `Normal' Use of Derivatives
    5. Exotic Derivative Products
    6. Risks from not Using Derivatives
    7. Disclosures by Dealers to Customers
    8. What if the Customer is not authorized to deal in Derivatives?
    9. Are Derivatives Securities?
    10. Disclosures by End-Users
    11. Suits by End-Users against Dealers
    12. Potential Liability of Directors of the End-User
    13. Differences among Regulators: Is there a Race to the Bottom?
    14. Questions from the Floor: a. OTC vs. Exchange-Regulated Products. b. Derivatives on a Single Security. c. Overlapping Jurisdiction of Regulators in the US
    15. Morals. Appendices