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Licensing Royalty Rates, 2021 Edition by Gregory J. Battersby , Charles W. Grimes Licensing Royalty Rates, 2021 Edition by Gregory J. Battersby , Charles W. Grimes

Licensing Royalty Rates, 2021 Edition

By Gregory J. Battersby, Charles W. Grimes
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This valuable reference presents the “going” royalty rate for virtually any product, including over 1,500 products and services in ten lucrative categories—art, celebrity, character and entertainment, collegiate, corporate, designer, event, sports, nonprofit and music. The essential reference for both beginning and more experienced licensing professionals. 

Knowing the “going” royalty rate for virtually any product is as simple as reaching for the newly published Licensing Royalty Rates, 2021 Edition .

Setting a royalty rate too high can scare away potential licensees, while accepting a lower rate can cost licensors hundreds of thousands of dollars. Licensing Royalty Rates, 2021 Edition provides all the information you need to calculate the right rate every time.

The data in Licensing Royalty Rates is compiled using information from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. After careful review by a blue-ribbon panel of expert licensing consultants uniquely qualified to know what the appropriate rate range is for specific properties in each licensing category, the information is organized into four time-saving sections that give researchers fast access to comprehensive statistical and analytical data:

  • Royalty rate listing alphabetically by licensed product —provides a detailed alphabetical listing of products and their suggested rate range across all product categories.
  • Royalty rate listing by international trademark class—lets you quickly identify subtle royalty rate differences between similar products within specific international trademark classes.
  • Checklist of licensed products and services—offers a quick-reference to products with a high potential for licensing.
  • Comprehensive list of licensed products and services—presents a detailed list of all surveyed products and services within a trademark class for preparing intent-to-use trademark applications.

This detailed information gives both beginning and more experienced licensing professionals the confidence needed to negotiate the maximum allowable rate regardless of the product, the market and the parameters of the specific deal itself.

Previous Edition: Licensing Royalty Rates, 2020 Edition, ISBN 9781543811315

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Last Updated 12/14/2020
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Table of Contents

Section 1: The Role of Royalty Rates in the Merchandise Licensing Process

  • 1.01 Introduction
  • 1.02 Common Methods for Valuing Intellectual Property
    • A. Types of Valuation Techniques
  • 1.03 Establishing the Royalty Rates
    • A. Preliminary Considerations
    • B. Establishing the Right Royalty Rate
    • C. Differing Types of Royalty Rates
  • 1.04 The Compensation Provisions in the License Agreement
    • A. Typical Compensation Provisions
    • B. Accounting and Audit Provisions

Section 2: Royalty Rate Survey 2017: Alphabetical Listing by Licensed Product

Section 3: Royalty Rate Survey 2017: Listing by International Trademark Class

Section 4: Publicly Available Information on Royalty Rates

  • 4.01 Introduction
  • 4.02 Franchising Fundamentals and the Role of Royalty Rates
    • A. Introduction
    • B. Determining Fees and Other Pricing Issues in Franchising

Section 5: Trends in Royalty Rates

  • 5.01 Introduction
    • A. Licensing Agents
    • B. Major Licensors
    • C. Top Retailers
    • D. Size of the Licensing Industry
    • E. Impact of the Size of the Industry on Royalty Rates
  • 5.02 Changes in the Survey Results Since 1996
    • A. General Trends
    • B. Art Properties
    • C. Celebrity Properties
    • D. Character/Entertainment Properties
    • E. Collegiate Properties
    • F. Corporate/Brand Properties
    • G. Designer/Fashion Properties
    • H. Event Properties
    • I. Sports Properties

Section 6: Checklist of Licensed Products and Services

Section 7: Comprehensive List of Licensed Products and Services

Section 8: Directory of Licensing Agents and Consultants

Section 9: Glossary of Terms

Section 10: Royalty Rate Trends and Valuation in Patent and Technology Licensing

  • 10.01 Introduction
  • §10.02 The Entire Market Value Rule and a Potential Shift in Assessing Reasonable Royalty Damages
    • A. Introduction
    • B. The Georgia-Pacific Factors
    • C. Apportionment of Profits and EMVR
    • D. Base and Rate
    • E. Historical Foundations of the Entire Market Value Rule
    • F. The Entire Market Value Rule in the 20th Century
    • G. Cornell and Lucent
    • H. Conclusion
  • 10.03 A New Approach to Valuing Patented Intellectual Property: The Heat of the Company Assessment
    • A. Introduction
    • B. Background
    • C. The Heart of the Company Assessment
    • A. Identification of Assets
    • B. Value Determination