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Law of Title Insurance, Third Edition by Barlow Burke Law of Title Insurance, Third Edition by Barlow Burke

Law of Title Insurance, Third Edition

By Barlow Burke
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Widely cited in appellate and state supreme courts, this best-selling handbook offers clause-by-clause analysis of the standard title insurance policy (based on the American Land Title Association Model Policies), with detailed discussion of all significant new and leading cases as issues arise. Turn confidently to Burke's Law of Title Insurance for expert analysis on:

  • Exceptions and exclusions
  • Claim procedures
  • Measure of damages
  • State and federal regulation of insurers
  • The ALTA short-form policies
  • The authority of escrow agencies
  • Unfair claims settlement acts
  • Insurer's duty to defend
  • Mortgage lender self-insurance
  • Drug forfeiture of property and the innocent owner defense
  • Title insurance sales by national banks
  • Insurer's duty to search for information that would affect the insured's decision to proceed with a purchase

Law of Title Insurance from Aspen Publishers features an appendix of easy-to-adapt forms, as well as a handy comparison of owner's and lender's policies with corresponding provisions printed on facing pages.

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Last Updated 07/08/2021
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Table of Contents
  1. Exclusions from Coverage
  2. Conditions of Coverage
  3. Litigation Insurance: The Duty to Defend
  4. The Measure of Damages
  5. Subrogation Rights
  6. Exception to Coverage
  7. Endorsements
  8. Arbitration of Claims
  9. A Title Insurer's Liability as an Abstractor
  10. Escrows
  11. Title Insurers and Antitrust Policy
  12. Title Insurers and Real Estate Settlement Procedures
  13. Title Insurers and Attorneys