Store Law and Practice of International Arbitration in the CIS Region

Law and Practice of International Arbitration in the CIS Region

Edited by Kaj Hober, Yarik Kryvoi


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About this book:

Law and Practice of International Arbitration in the CIS Region offers the first comprehensive overview of commercial arbitration in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region. After the collapse of the Soviet Union over a dozen new states emerged with their individual systems of international commercial arbitration.

Today, the former Soviet republics such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and others generate a significant and growing amount of work for the major Western and CIS regional, international arbitral institutions.

This book, a country-by-country analysis of regulation and practice of international arbitration in ten CIS jurisdictions, examines notable developments in the use of arbitration mechanisms contained in bilateral and multilateral investment treaties affecting the region.

What’s in this book:

In addition to a detailed discussion of the particular features of arbitral practice in each jurisdiction, contributions cover the following issues and topics:

  • arbitrability and arbitral procedure;
  • adherence to the ICSID, New York, and key regional conventions relevant to arbitration, often not widely known in the West;
  • recognition and enforcement of commercial and investor-state arbitration awards;
  • implementation of the UNCITRAL Model Law and other instruments affecting arbitral practice and procedure;
  • statistics from key arbitration institutions;
  • relevant regulations, cases, as well as applicable bilateral investment treaties;
  • law and practice related to investor-state arbitration; and
  • of the Court of the Eurasian Economic Union.

An informative introductory chapter discusses the historical and current trends affecting arbitration practice among the CIS countries, including the role of regional conventions relatively unknown in the West.

How this will help you:

As a comprehensive overview of international arbitration in this burgeoning region, this book has no peers. It provides not only a detailed analysis of the law but also insight from local practitioners into the culture of arbitration and how the law is applied.

This book serves as a handbook for lawyers, arbitrators, and academics concerned with alternative dispute resolution, as well as for arbitration institutions, companies, states, and individuals, to understand the broad legal framework involved in arbitration in this CIS region.

Publish Date 08/24/2017
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041167019
SKU 10058205-0001
Table of Contents



CHAPTER 1 Characteristics and Trends of Law and Practice of International Arbitration in the CIS Region

Yarik Kryvoi & Kaj Hober

CHAPTER 2 Armenia

Sargis Grigoryan

CHAPTER 3 Azerbaijan

Gunduz Karimov

CHAPTER 4  Belarus

Aliaksandr Danilevich

CHAPTER 5 Kazakhstan

Asel Duissenova & Maksud Karaketov

CHAPTER 6 Moldova

Alexandr Svetlicinii

CHAPTER 7 Russia

Alexey Kostin & Dmitry Davydenko

CHAPTER 8 Tajikistan

Shirinbek Milikbekov & Zhanyl Abdrakhmanova

CHAPTER 9 Turkmenistan

Rolf Knieper & Diora Ziyaeva

CHAPTER 10 Ukraine

Olena Perepelynska

CHAPTER 11 Uzbekistan

Foziljon Otakhonov & Alisher Umirdinov


Appendix 1 Map of the Commonwealth of Independent States

Appendix 2 Satistics of Cases Involving States of the CIS Region with Leading Arbitration Institutions

Appendix 3 The Most Important Domestic Enactments on International Arbitration in the CIS Region

Appendix 4 Ratification of Selected Arbitration Related Conventions by CIS States

Appendix 5 Agreement on the Settlement of Disputes Relating to the Exercising of Economic Activity 1992 (the Kiev Agreement)

Appendix 6 Convention on Legal Assistance in Civil, Family Relations and Criminal Matters 1993 (the Minsk Convention)

Appendix 7 Convention on Legal Assistance in Civil, Family Relations and Criminal Matters 2002 (the Kishinev Convention)

Appendix 8 Annex 16 to the 2014 Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union Protocol on Trade in Services, Incorporation, Activities and Investments