Store International Introduction to the Law of the United States, Second Revised Edition

Introduction to the Law of the United States, Second Revised Edition

By David S. Clark, Tugrul Ansay


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Introduction to the Laws.....Series Volume 5

As issues in American law turn up with ever-greater frequency in dozens of countries worldwide, some familiarity with the legal system of the United States of America has become de rigueur for practising lawyers everywhere.

This incomparable handbook, now in its Second Edition, provides an authoritative description of the major elements, including all matters likely to emerge in the course of normal legal activity. Written from a clear and cogent comparative perspective, it is of great practical value for both counselling and courtroom use.

Eighteen lucid chapters by distinguished American law professors, each of whom is also knowledgeable about a legal system outside that of the United States, explain the major laws, legal standards, and legal institutions of the United States. Substantive and procedural comparisons are presented in plain English, with appropriate commentary where deemed helpful to clarify particularly complex or unsettled matters. The resulting volume is an expert historical, systematic, and critical introduction to the law of the United States.

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Pages 520
Last Updated 12/01/2001
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Table of Contents
Table Of Contents, List Of Contributors, Prefaces, Summary Of Contents, List Of Abbreviations Chapter 1. The American Legal System and Legal Culture David S. Clark Chapter 2. Legal Education and the Legal Profession David S. Clark Chapter 3. The Sources of Law David S. Clark Chapter 4. Constitutional Law William B. Fisch Chapter 5. Administrative Law John O. Haley Chapter 6. Labor Law William B. Gould Iv Chapter 7. Criminal Law Edward M. Wise Chapter 8. Contracts Herbert L. Bernstein Chapter 9. Torts Joachim Zekoll, John G. Fleming Chapter 10. Property A.N. Yiannopoulos Chapter 11. Family Law Harry D. Krause Chapter 12. Inheritance Law Vivian Grosswald Curran, William F. Fratcher Chapter 13. Commercial Transactions John C. Reitz, Jonathan Carlson Chapter 14. Business Enterprises Alfred F. Conard Michael Wallace Gordon Chapter 15. Criminal Procedure Christopher L. Blakesley Chapter 16. Civil Procedure David S. Clark Chapter 17. Conflict of Laws Friedrich K. Juenger Chapter 18. an American Case David S. Clark Index

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