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Introduction to Brazilian Law,  Second Edition by DEFFENTI

Introduction to Brazilian Law, Second Edition

Edited by Fabiano Deffenti, Welber Barral


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Introduction to Brazilian Law provides readers with the basic knowledge of legal concepts of Brazilian law. This is an updated edition of the only full-scale book in English on the law of a country that in recent years has emerged as a leading player on the world’s stage. Brazil’s markets have flourished as courts, legislators and sophisticated legal elite have continuously adapted foreign rules to the country’s realities, giving Brazil an edge over his counterparts in the world stage.

What’s in this book:

Sixteen notable Brazilian authorities describe and analyse the laws, regulations and jurisprudence in all the major fields of legal practice and administration, paying detailed attention to such elements as the following:

  • the multiple interwoven sources of Brazilian law;
  • administrative agencies and procedures;
  • Brazil’s unique ‘social function of contracts’ principle;
  • corporate and related structures;
  • the new Brazilian civil procedure code and arbitration rules;
  • constitutional principles and judicial review;
  • fiduciary transfers and insolvency issues;
  • complex rules of criminal procedure;
  • mandatory succession rules;
  • labour law compliance;
  • private international law; and
  • taxation.

Each chapter is followed by an up-to-date reference list of works both in English and in Portuguese.

How this will help you:

This book discusses key legal areas with special emphasis on practical issues, so that scholars and legal practitioners alike are able to understand the system and pursue research on special legal problems by knowing the proper place to find answers. The publication aims to serve as a reference book to navigate through any area of Brazilian law. Lawyers and scholars are provided with an overview that continues to be useful as a resource in facing and overcoming the challenges inherent in engaging with Brazil’s economy and legal realities.

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Last Updated 11/18/2016
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Table of Contents



Preface to the Second Edition

Preface to the First Edition


List of Abbreviations

Chapter 1 History and Sources of Brazilian Law

Celso Campilongo

Chapter 2 Constitutional Law

Luís Roberto Barroso

Chapter 3 Administrative Law

Manoel Eduardo Alves Camargo e Gomes

Chapter 4 Family and Succession Law

Claudia Lima Marques & Lucas Lixinski

Chapter 5 Property Law

José Isaac Pilati

Chapter 6 Contract Law

Luciano Benetti Timm

Chapter 7 Civil Liability

Cláudio Finkelstein

Chapter 8 Business Enterprise and Insolvency Law

Fabiano Deffenti

Chapter 9 Taxation Law

Cristiano Carvalho & Eurico Marcos Diniz de Santi

Chapter 10 Labour Law

Estêvão Mallet

Chapter 11 Civil Procedure and Arbitration

Welber Barral & Rafael Bicca Machado

Chapter 12 Criminal Law and Procedure

Antônio Sérgio Altieri de Moraes Pitombo

Chapter 13 Private International Law

Fabiano Deffenti & Luciana Queiroz Pereira