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International Securities Law Handbook - Fourth Edition

Edited by Jean-Luc Soulier, Marcus Best


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World Law Group Series Volume 10

The fourth edition of International Securities Law Handbook is an accessible reference book for any practitioner involved in the issue or sale of securities in foreign jurisdictions. Whilst there is a development of international standards for the financial markets, global integration is hindered by the lack of regulatory harmonisation making this a complex area to navigate. The Editors, Jean-Luc Soulier and Marcus Best, have used their international expertise to produce a handbook that guides the reader through the different laws and regulations and promotes a clear working knowledge of the legal framework of the key jurisdictions.

The style and design of International Securities Law Handbook has been substantially revised and updated for the fourth edition to incorporate new elements and make it easier to find information and make country by country analysis. The key elements of securities law and regulations in 39 jurisdictions are examined in individual country chapters, written by leading international experts. The coverage has been further extended for the fourth edition with Chile, Columbia, Italy, Poland, Russia and Thailand included for the first time. The chapters are uniform in approach, highlighting the same 22 key areas of importance for each jurisdiction, allowing for comparisons between jurisdictions to be easily made.

Key topics covered include: ;

  • description of the securities markets
  • the listing/market authority
  • the regulatory authority
  • principal laws regulating the securities markets
  • requirements and procedures
  • civil and criminal liability for securities law breaches
  • prospectus/disclosure requirements
  • quasi-securities and derivatives
  • exemptions available

Gain a clear understanding of the legal framework governing international securities with the expanded and updated International Securities Law Handbook – Fourth edition.

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Last Updated 12/17/2014
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Table of Contents

List of Editors.

List of Contributors.


Editors’ Preface.

Securities Law in Argentina Hernán Verly.

Securities Law in Australia Marcus Best & Paul Washington.

Securities Law in Austria Martin Zuffer.

Securities Law in Belgium Cedric Guyot & Catherine Willemyns.

Securities Law in Brazil Antonio Felix de Araujo Cintra & Paulo Leme.

Securities Law in Canada – Quebec Neil Kravitz.

Securities Law in Canada Stephen Halperin, Neil Sheehy & Kirk Rauliuk .

Securities Law in Chile Sebastián García.

Securities Law in China Mingyuan Zhang & Rebecca Chao.

Securities Law in Colombia Hernando Padilla Gómez & Isabel Cristina Torres Argáez.

Securities Law in Denmark Steen Jensen & Trine Damsgaard Vissing.

Securities Law in Finland Merja Kivelä & Janne Lauha.

Securities Law in France Jean-Luc Soulier & Chems Idrissi.

Securities Law in Germany Marc-Oliver Kurth & Dr. Oliver Rothley.

Securities Law in Greece Panos Koromantzos.

Securities Law in Hong Kong Sheldon Tse.

Securities Law in India Satwinder Singh, Kapil Manocha & Vivek Jha.

Securities Law in Ireland Justin McKenna & Breffni Sheridan.

Securities Law in Israel Janet Levy-Pahima.

Securities Law in Italy Francesco Gianni, Marco Zaccagnini & Elena Cirillo .

Securities Law in Japan Noriyuki Katayama & Gen Takizawa.

Securities Law in Korea Eui Jong Chung & Annie Eunah Lee.

Securities Law in Malaysia Swee-Kee Ng & Marhaini Nordin.

Securities Law in Mexico Alfonso Castro Díaz.

Securities Law in the Netherlands Reinout Slot & Marlene Veenman.

Securities Law in Norway Bjarne Rogdaberg & Lars Christian Steen.

Securities Law in the Philippines Rafael A. Morales.

Securities Law in Poland Dr. Andrzej W. Kawecki & Paweł Kawarski.

Securities Law in Russia Konstantin Baranov.

Securities Law in Scotland Andrew G. Williamson.

Securities Law in Singapore Jacqueline Loke & Sarah Chan.

Securities Law in Spain Pere Kirchner, Antonio Baena & José Luis Lucena Rebollo.

Securities Law in Sweden Anders Ackebo, Åke J. Fors, Anders Söderlind & Tobias Öd.

Securities Law in Switzerland Kaspar Landolt & Stephan Werlen.

Securities Law in Taiwan Chun-yih Cheng & Yo-Yi Chen.

Securities Law in Thailand Niwes Phancharoenworakul & Chantima Limpananda .

Securities Law in Turkey Piraye Kuranel Basol & Kerem Tayhac Sagocak .

Securities Law in the United Kingdom Andrew G. Williamson.

Securities Law in the United States of America Neil M. Goodman, Stephanie G. Nygard & Marian A. Saxena.