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Intellectual Property Law in Indonesia

Intellectual Property Law in Indonesia

By Christoph Antons


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This work constitutes the most comprehensive overview of Indonesian intellectual property law since the substantial legislative changes enacted from 1997 onwards. It offers a detailed overview of the Indonesian law and regulation on copyright law, patent law, trademark law, and unfair competition, and analyses the position of Indonesia with regard to the international conventions for the protection of intellectual property.

An introduction on the history and development of the Indonesian legal system provides an excellent context for the understanding of the current legislative framework on intellectual property. The book includes in annex authoritative translations of the main laws covering copyright, patents, and trademarks.

Last Updated 10/01/2000
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ISBN 9789041198037
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Table of Contents
  1. The Problem of Legal Pluralism in Indonesia
  2. The Development of the Indonesian Legal System of Today
  3. Indonesia as a member of international conventions for the protection of intellectual property
  4. History
  5. The Work Concept
  6. The Author
  7. Individual Rights
  8. Limits
  9. Transfer and Granting of Licenses
  10. Duration
  11. Penal Provisions and Closing Provisions
  12. History
  13. Protected Subject Matter and Patentability
  14. Person Entitled to the Invention
  15. Accrual of a Right
  16. Content and Limits of Patent Rights
  17. Transfer of a Right
  18. Termination of a Right
  19. Infringements, Provisions for Petty Patents and Conclusion
  20. History
  21. Present Law: The Trade Mark and the Service Mark
  22. Development of the Legislation: From `First to Use' to `First to File'
  23. Obstacles to Registration
  24. Application and Registration
  25. Transfer of a Right
  26. Termination of a Right
  27. The Collective Trade Mark, Geographical Indications and Indications of Origin
  28. Legal Consequences of Infringements and Administration
  29. Penal and Interim Provisions: The Practical Importance of Trade Mark Proceedings in Indonesia
  30. Protection against Unfair Competition and Conclusion