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Intellectual Property Law and the Fourth Industrial Revolution by HEATH

Intellectual Property Law and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Edited by Christopher Heath,
By Anselm Kamperman Sanders, Anke Moerland, Carlos Affonso Souza, Kemal Bengi, Gonçalo Cabral, Manuel Desantes Real, Andres Guadamuz, Michael B. Landau, Michael Mattioli, Mariangela Parra-Lancourt, Filipe Ribeiro Duarte, Hoi Wai Jackie Cheng


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Intellectual Property Law and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Edited by Christopher Heath, Anselm Kamperman Sanders and Anke Moerland

About this book:

Intellectual Property Law and the Fourth Industrial Revolution analyses how the fourth industrial revolution changes the framework of intellectual property rights in the context of data, competition and compliance and how these changes can serve society. It is in the very nature of intellectual property rights that their justification and scope correlate with extraneous factors, such as societal perception and technological development. The convergence of various fields of technology is changing the fabric of society. Big data and data mining, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchains are already affecting business models and leading to social and economic transformations that have been dubbed by the fourth industrial revolution.

What’s in this book:

Well-known authorities in intellectual property law offer in-depth chapters on how intellectual property rights may have to change (or not) in the light of:

  • power and role of data as the raw material of the revolution;
  • artificial inventors and creators;
  • trade marks in the dimension of avatars and fictional game attributes;
  • concept of inventive step change where the person skilled in the art is virtual;
  • data rights versus intellectual property rights;
  • transparency in the context of big data;
  • interrelations of data, technology transfer and antitrust;
  • self-executable and ‘smart’ contracts; and
  • proprietary information versus the public domain.

How this will help you:

Offering the first in-depth legal commentary and analysis of this highly topical issue, this book approaches the fourth industrial revolution from the perspectives of technical background, society and law. Its authoritative study of how the data-driven economy influences innovation and technology transfer is without peer. This book will be welcomed by practising lawyers in intellectual property rights and competition law, as well as by academics, think tanks and policymakers.



Publish Date 06/06/2020
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789403522128
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents


About the Authors and Editors

Part 1 – The Greater Picture

Chapter 1
The Disruptive Nature of the So-Called Fourth Industrial Revolution for Intellectual Property: Moving Societal Changes from Linear to Exponential 
Manuel Desantes Real

Chapter 2
The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Development and Intellectual Property: The World Economic and Social Survey 2018 and Beyond 
Hoi Wai Jackie Cheng & Mariangela Parra-Lancourt

Part 2 – Data as the New Currency of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Chapter 3
Regulating Net Neutrality in a Data-Centric Society 
Carlos Affonso Souza & Filipe Ribeiro Duarte

Chapter 4
Balancing AI Bias 
Michael Mattioli

Part 3 – The Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Intellectual Property and Competition Law

Chapter 5
Artificial Intelligence and the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works 
Gonçalo Cabral

Chapter 6
Patents and Artificial Intelligence Inventions 
Kemal Bengi & Christopher Heath

Chapter 7
New Trade Mark Uses in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Virtual and Augmented Realities 
Anke Moerland

Chapter 8
Data and Technology Transfer: Competition Law in the Fourth Industrial Revolution 
Anselm Kamperman Sanders

Part 4 – Monitoring, Compliance and Enforcement

Chapter 9
Intermediary Liability in the Fourth Industrial Revolution 
Michael B. Landau

Chapter 10
Smart Contracts, Blockchain and Intellectual Property: Challenges and Reality 
Andres Guadamuz