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Insurance Law in Latvia by MANTROV

Insurance Law in Latvia

By Vadim Mantrov


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Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this book provides valuable practical insight into both public supervisory legislation concerning insurance and private insurance contract law in Latvia. An informative general introduction surveying the legal, political, financial, and commercial background and surroundings of insurance provides a sound foundation for the specific detail that follows.

The book covers all essential aspects of the law and regulation governing insurance policies and instruments. Its detailed exposition includes examination of the form of the insurance company and its reserves and investments; the insurance contract; the legal aspects of the various branches of property and liability insurance; motor vehicle insurance schemes; life insurance, health insurance, and workmen’s compensation schemes; reinsurance, co-insurance, and pooling; taxation of insurance; and risk management and prevention.

Succinct yet eminently practical, the book will be a valuable resource for lawyers handling cases affecting Latvia. It will be of practical utility to those both in public service and private practice called on to develop and to apply the laws of insurance, and of special interest as a contribution to the much-needed harmonization of insurance law.

Publish Date 11/12/2018
Publish Frequency As Needed
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789403505237
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Table of Contents

The Author

List of Abbreviations


General Introduction

Part I. The Insurance Company

Chapter 1. The Insurance Company: Its Form

Chapter 2. Access to Business: Authorisation – Requirements and Procedures

Chapter 3. Supervision

Chapter 4. Technical Reserves and Investments

Chapter 5. Accountancy

Chapter 6. Taxation of the Company

Part II. The Insurance Contract: General

Chapter 1. Generalities (Characteristics, Interpretation, Categories, General Principles)

Chapter 2. Essential Elements (Essentialia Negotii) of an Insurance Contract

Chapter 3. Formation of the Insurance Contract (Precontractual Phase, Actual Formation of the Contract, Validity Requirements, Proof of the Contract; Insurance Policies)

Chapter 4. Term of an Insurance Contract

Chapter 5. Duties of a Policyholder (Insured)

Chapter 6. Duties of the Insurer

Chapter 7. Insurance and Third Parties (Third-Party Beneficiary Clauses, Direct Action, etc.)

Chapter 8. Duty to Pay Interest

Chapter 9. Termination of the Insurance Contract (End of Term, Disappearance of the Risk, Cancelling of the Contract, Statute of Limitations, etc.)

Chapter 10. Limitation Period (Prescription Period)

Part III. Property and Civil Liability Insurance

Chapter 1. Property and Liability Insurance in General

Chapter 2. Property Insurance in General

Chapter 3. Liability Insurance (General Liability Insurance, Professional Liability, Product Liability, Environmental Insurance, etc.)

Chapter 4. Other Specific Types of Insurance

Part IV. Motor Insurance

Chapter 1. General Overview

Chapter 2. Types of Motor Insurance Contracts

Chapter 3. Duty to Conclude a Motor Insurance Contract

Chapter 4. Essential Elements

Chapter 5. Formation, Entry into Force and Termination of the Motor Insurance Contract

Chapter 6. Procedure for Submitting a Claim and Its Assessment by the Insurer or the Latvian National Insurers’ Bureau

Chapter 7. Recourse Claim (Subrogation)

Part V. Personal Insurance (Insurance of the Person)

Chapter 1. Private Health Insurance

Chapter 2. Accident Insurance

Chapter 3. Life Insurance

Chapter 4. Pension Funds

Part VI. Insurance Intermediaries

Chapter 1. Scope of the Act

Chapter 2. Supervision Activities

Chapter 3. Scope of Supervision

Part VII. Reinsurance and Co-insurance

Chapter 1. Reinsurance

Chapter 2. Co-insurance

Chapter 3. Insurance Pools

Part VIII.Taxation of Insurance

Chapter 1. Value Added Tax

Chapter 2. Personal Income Tax

Chapter 3. Enterprise Income Tax

Part IX. Risk Management and Prevention

Chapter 1. Guarantee Fund Within Motor Insurance

Chapter 2. Insured Protection Fund

Chapter 3. Medical Treatment Risk Fund

Selected Bibliography