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Insurance Activities of Banks, Second Edition by Karol K. Sparks, Esq. Insurance Activities of Banks, Second Edition by Karol K. Sparks, Esq.

Insurance Activities of Banks, Second Edition

Edited by Chrys D. Lemon, Arshawn Teymoorian, Jeffery M. Klein,
By Karol K. Sparks, Esq.
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As more and more banking organizations enter the insurance business, the line between banks and insurance agencies has virtually disappeared - in practice and in the eyes of federal and state legislators. The need has never been greater for a clear guide that explains the legal and regulatory limits placed on banks involved in insurance sales activities. Insurance Activites of Banks, Second Edition provides authoritative coverage of insurance products now offered by banks plus the latest judicial and legislative developments, including the landmark Gramm-Leech-Bliley Act, that affect their activities.

It presents in clear detail on such vital topics as:

  • The many types of insurance activities now being handled by banks, including retail sales of insurance and underwriting risk
  • Major state insurance regulatory issues and how banks are affected
  • State banks, national banks, and thrifts, and the insurance activities permissible for each type of institution
  • The various organization structures, such as bank holding companies, financial holding companies, financial subsidiaries, and how to choose the right entity for conducting insurance activities.
  • Offshore insurance activities.

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Last Updated 08/03/2021
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Table of Contents
  1. Overview of bank insurance activities
  2. Introduction to the business of insurance
  3. Bank authority to sell insurance
  4. Bank holding company authority to offer insurance
  5. Insurance verses Banking: Development of preemption principles
  6. State regulation of state insurance agency activities
  7. Underwriting
  8. Alternative arrangements for the sale of insurance
  9. Insurance activities of thrift and credit unions
  10. Compliance obligations
  11. Insurance products
  12. Acquisitions of insurance agencies
  13. Distribution of insurance products
  14. Insurance investments and ventures

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Table of Cases


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