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Information Asymmetries in EU VAT by NELLEN

Information Asymmetries in EU VAT

By Frank J. G. Nellen


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EUCOTAX Series on European Taxation Volume 53

Information Asymmetries in EU VAT in its up-to-date overview of European Union (EU) value added tax (VAT) law assesses legislation, case law, and practice at both EU and national levels, in the process of examining how to minimize the risks and negative consequences associated with information asymmetries. Unlike conventional direct taxes, the application and administration of VAT depends to a considerable extent on the exchange of information between the taxable person and his transaction counterparts. In practice, the taxable person often fails to obtain necessary information from his transaction counterparts, giving rise to information asymmetries that can induce VAT assessments, sanctions, and audits.

What’s in this book:

As a result of his in-depth treatment of the subject, the author establishes the following:

  • to what extent information asymmetries in EU VAT have legal implications (e.g., VAT assessments, fines) for the taxable person;
  • to what extent information asymmetries should have legal implications for the taxable person, taking into account the legal principles applicable in EU VAT;
  • to what extent positive EU VAT law indeed implies the risk of information asymmetries and any associated unjustified legal implications; and
  • to what extent legal remedies should be employed to avoid or to reduce information asymmetries for the taxable person.

How this will help you:

This is the first book that thoroughly analyzes the causes and legal implications of information asymmetries in the context of EU VAT, as well as the instruments that can be employed to counter their materialization. As such, it will be of inestimable value to practitioners, legislators, policymakers, entrepreneurs, judicial professionals, and academics concerned with EU VAT law.

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Table of Contents

About the Author

Notes to the Reader

List of Abbreviations


Part I Introduction

Chapter 1 Introduction to the Research

Part II Conceptual Framework

Chapter 2 Conceptual Framework

Part III Legal Framework

Chapter 3 The Tax Information Position of the Taxable Person from a Legal Perspective

Part IV The (Legal) Implications of Horizontal Tax Information Asymmetries

Chapter 4 Introduction

Chapter 5 The General Implications of Horizontal Tax Information Asymmetries

Chapter 6 The Exploration of Legal Measures as Remedies Against Asymmetries

Chapter 7 The Legal Implications of Horizontal Tax Information Asymmetries

Chapter 8 A Situational Approach to the Legal Implications of Asymmetries

Chapter 9 The Normative Dimension of the Conduct of the Taxable Person

Chapter 10 Summary and Conclusions

Part V Tax Information Asymmetries in Connection with the Substantive Norms of Taxation

Chapter 11 Introduction

Chapter 12 Substantive Norms: The Taxable Person

Chapter 13 Substantive Norms: The Taxable Transaction

Chapter 14 Substantive Norms: The Place of Supply

Chapter 15 Substantive Norms: The Taxable Amount

Chapter 16 Substantive Norms: The Reduced VAT Rates and Exemptions

Chapter 17 Substantive Norms: The Chargeable Event, Chargeability and Liability

Chapter 18 Substantive Norms: The Right of Deduction

Part VI Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

Chapter 19 Summary and Conclusions

Chapter 20 Recommendations and Reflections

List of Cited and Consulted Sources

Table of Cases