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Handbook on Insurance Coverage Disputes, Twentieth Edition Handbook on Insurance Coverage Disputes, Twentieth Edition

Handbook on Insurance Coverage Disputes, Twentieth Edition

By Barry R. Ostrager, Thomas R. Newman
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The Handbook on Insurance Coverage Disputes has been in a constant state of development and expansion since its original publication in 1988. The continuously evolving scope and content of the Handbook reflects the thousands of decisions rendered by courts on insurance coverage issues over the past quarter century. Since its initial publication, the Handbook has been cited in more than 350 court opinions. The Twentieth Edition of the Handbook reflects numerous recent developments, trends and emerging issues in insurance law across a variety of substantive topics. Noteworthy new cases and in-depth case law analyses have been included in this new updated edition of the Handbook. Additionally, important changes in jurisdictional law on several topics of insurance and reinsurance law are reflected in this edition. 

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Previous Edition: Handbook on Insurance Coverage Disputes, Nineteenth Edition, ISBN 9781454879824

Pages 2726
Last Updated 11/18/2020
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Table of Contents

This edition of the Handbook includes new sections and/or expanded analyses in the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1—Rules of Construction Applied in Insurance Coverage Disputes
  • Chapter 2—Reservation of Rights, Disclaimers, and Denials of Coverage
  • Chapter 3—Misrepresentations or Omissions in the Application for Insurance
  • Chapter 4—The Notice Requirement in the Presentation of Claims to the Insurer
  • Chapter 5—The Insurer's Duty to Defend
  • Chapter 6—Allocation of Defense Costs Among Primary and Excess Insurers
  • Chapter 7—The Coverage Provided by General Liability Insurance
  • Chapter 8—The Requirement of Fortuity in Occurrence-Based and Claims-Made Coverage
  • Chapter 9—Trigger and Allocation Under Occurrence-Based Coverage
  • Chapter 10—Insurance Coverage Issues Arising Out of Hazardous Waste/Environmental Clean-Up Litigation
  • Chapter 11—“Other Insurance” Clauses
  • Chapter 12—Bad Faith Claims Against an Insurer
  • Chapter 13—Current Issues Involving Excess Insurance
  • Chapter 14—Insurance Coverage for Punitive Damages Assessed Against an Insured
  • Chapter 15—Overview of Reinsurance
  • Chapter 16—Current Issues Involving Reinsurance
  • Chapter 17—Litigation over Lost or Destroyed Policies
  • Chapter 18—The Role of the Insurance Broker in the Insurance Coverage Dispute
  • Chapter 19—Coverage Issues Arising from the Acquisition and Disposition of Assets
  • Chapter 20—Current Issues Relating to Directors and Officers Coverage
  • Chapter 21—Property Insurance
  • Chapter 22—Settlement and Subrogation
  • Chapter 23—Pollution Exclusion Issues
  • Chapter 25—The Scope of Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage
  • Chapter 26—Novel Coverage Issues Relating to Cyber Breaches, Data Loss and Computer Fraud