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Global Privacy and Security Law

By Francoise Gilbert
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Fifty eight clear and concise country reports make this the single, essential resource for research into privacy and security, data protection laws, and the specific regulations of key countries around the world, delivering completely up-to-date information on every country covered. Includes easy cross-country comparison, expert analysis of every major directive, and precise practice tips. 

If your clients are collecting any data from citizens of foreign nations—including credit card numbers, addresses, or any identification information whatsoever—you are required to comply with local data protection laws, in every jurisdiction. Unfortunately, some corporations and their attorneys have discovered how sophisticated foreign privacy regulations can be only after becoming enmeshed in ongoing, complicated and expensive legal entanglements across far-flung jurisdictions. This is why we publish Global Privacy and Security Law—the newest, fully comprehensive, and completely current resource on the complex topic of foreign data-protection laws.

Global Privacy and Security Law provides a thorough and practical explanation of the different aspects of information privacy and security, the major drivers that shape the development of modern data protection laws, and clear analyses of the specific regulations of key countries around the world.

This one-of-a-kind resource gives you:

  • Reliable insights and practical guidance on regional privacy regulations —from local experts
  • 58 clear and concise country reports, averaging about 25 pages each
  • Country reports presented in identical format so you can easily compare countries
  • Expert analysis of every major directive
  • Precise practice tips to help you navigate complex regulations without error
  • Regular updates on what’s changed and what’s changing
  • And more!

Global Privacy and Security Law helps ensure that your company or clients are in compliance with the specific data-protection regulations in each country where they’re doing business. You’ll consistently turn to Global Privacy and Security Law for:

  • Clear insight, logically organized to save you research time
  • Completely up-to-date information on every country covered
  • Country reports presented in a uniform format to make comparison between jurisdictions simple
  • Three valuable updates every year

Global Privacy and Security Law is the single, essential, time-saving resource for:

  • Attorneys advising clients doing business in foreign countries
  • Members of the International Law Section of the ABA
  • Members of the IBA
  • ITechLaw members
  • Union Internationale des Avocats members
  • Chief Privacy Officers
  • Data privacy and protection professionals
  • Data Controllers
  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Members of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)
  • Privacy and Security Professionals in corporations doing business abroad
  • IT Outsourcers and Offshorers
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Table of Contents



  • Chapter 1 Data Protection Challenges to Global Business
  • Chapter 2 Taxonomy and Influences
  • Chapter 3 Genesis of Modern Information Privacy and Security Law


  • Chapter 4 The Byzantine Process of European Data Protection Law Making
  • Chapter 5 The European Union Data Directives
  • Chapter 6 1995 EU Data Protection Directive
  • Chapter 7 2002 EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications
  • Chapter 8 2006 EU Data Retention Directive
  • Chapter 9 Transferring Personal Data Outside the European Union and European Economic Area


  • Chapter 10 The Asia Pacific Region


  • Chapter 11 Argentina
  • Chapter 12 Australia
  • Chapter 13 Austria
  • Chapter 14 Belgium
  • Chapter 15 Brazil
  • Chapter 16 Bulgaria
  • Chapter 17 Canada
  • Chapter 18 Chile
  • Chapter 19 China
  • Chapter 20 Colombia
  • Chapter 21 Cyprus
  • Chapter 22 Czech Republic
  • Chapter 23 Denmark
  • Chapter 24 Dominican Republic
  • Chapter 25 Dubai Emirate
  • Chapter 26 Estonia
  • Chapter 27 Finland
  • Chapter 28 France
  • Chapter 29 Germany
  • Chapter 30 Greece
  • Chapter 31 Hong Kong
  • Chapter 32 Hungary
  • Chapter 33 Iceland
  • Chapter 34 India
  • Chapter 35 Ireland
  • Chapter 36 Israel
  • Chapter 37 Italy


  • Chapter 38 Japan
  • Chapter 39 Latvia
  • Chapter 40 Liechtenstein
  • Chapter 41 Lithuania
  • Chapter 42 Luxembourg
  • Chapter 43 Malaysia
  • Chapter 44 Malta
  • Chapter 45 Mexico
  • Chapter 46 The Netherlands
  • Chapter 47 Norway
  • Chapter 48 The Philippines
  • Chapter 49 Poland
  • Chapter 50 Portugal
  • Chapter 51 Romania
  • Chapter 52 Russia
  • Chapter 53 Singapore
  • Chapter 54 Slovakia
  • Chapter 55 Slovenia
  • Chapter 56 South Africa
  • Chapter 57 South Korea
  • Chapter 58 Spain
  • Chapter 59 Sweden
  • Chapter 60 Switzerland
  • Chapter 61 Taiwan
  • Chapter 62 Tunisia
  • Chapter 63 Turkey
  • Chapter 64 United Kingdom
  • Chapter 65 United States of America
  • Chapter 66 Uruguay


  • Appendix A: 1948—United Nations - Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Appendix B: 1980—OECD - Guidelines on the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data
  • Appendix C: 1981—Council of Europe - Convention for the Protection of Individuals with Regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data
  • Appendix D: 1990—United Nations - Guidelines for the Regulation of Computerized Personal Data Files
  • Appendix E: 1995—European Union - Directive 95/46/EC on the Protection of Personal Data
  • Appendix F: 1997—Federal Trade Commission - Fair Information Practice Principles
  • Appendix G: 2001—European Union - Standard Contractual Clauses Set 1—Controller to Controller
  • Appendix H: 2001—European Union - Standard Contractual Clauses Set 1—Controller to Processor
  • Appendix I: 2002—OECD - Guidelines for the Security of Information Systems and Ne

See what our clients are saying:

“Francoise Gilbert has done a great service to the field of privacy by comprehensively gathering, organizing, and interpreting the many privacy laws around the world. Global Privacy and Security Law will serve as an invaluable resource for anyone struggling with the complexities of this field.

— J. Trevor Hughes, Executive Director, International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)