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Florida Construction Law

Florida Construction Law

By Steven M. Siegfried


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In this essential one-volume desk reference, the leading Florida construction law authority synthesizes all of the relevant cases and statutes into the most thorough analysis of Florida construction law and Florida construction lien and bond law available today.

In Florida Construction Law, you'll learn:

  • How to draft contract clauses governing changes, modifications and extras
  • Legal remedies that are available when contractors or owners default
  • The law governing construction liens and bonds
  • And much more!

And Florida Construction Law gives you numerous sample lien-related forms that will save you time and effort in your construction law practice. It explains when to use each form, what information to include, and much more. It also contains the full text of the Florida Construction Lien Law.

Last Updated 06/19/2018
Update Frequency Updated annually
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Table of Contents
  1. Fundamentals of the Construction Business
  2. Bidding, Governmental Contracts, and Related issues
  3. Selected Construction Contract Provisions
  4. Lenders in the Construction Process
  5. Bonds: The Protective Layer in the Construction Process
  6. Architects and Engineers
  7. Construction Remedies
  8. Liability for Construction Defects
  9. Risk of Loss: Construction Insurance and Indemnity
  10. Arbitration in the Construction Industry
  11. Time, Schedule, Delay, and its Consequences
  12. Environmental Law
  13. Introduction to the Florida Construction Lien Law
  14. Property Interests Subject to Liens
  15. Persons Entitled to Lien
  16. Establishing, Enforcing, and Valuing a Lien
  17. Proper Payments and Discovery of Account Information
  18. Bonds
  19. Public Project Bonds
  20. Lender's Responsibility Under the Construction Lien Law
  21. Fraud, Collusion, and Criminal Liability
  22. Attorneys' Fees and Interest Awarded to Prevailing Party
  23. Forms
  24. Statutes