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Encyclopedia of International Commercial Litigation

Encyclopedia of International Commercial Litigation

Edited by Simon Bryan QC,
General editor Sir Anthony Colman
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The rapid, recent increase in transnational commercial litigation has made it even more necessary for lawyers to understand how claims are litigated in the courts of other countries. Yet information on court procedure, the local legal profession, and local judiciaries has not been readily available without specialist advice from local lawyers. This advice raises costs and may result in delays. This loose-leaf work provides an overview of commercial litigation procedure and its judges and practitioners in the courts of the important commercial countries throughout the world.

Each section gives a general account of the structure of the courts and their jurisdictions, civil litigation procedures in each country concerned, the local legal profession, local specialist areas and charges, and the local judiciary. The section then traces in detail each country's procedural steps for typical kinds of commercial litigation, such as claims for breach of sale of goods contracts, claims for damages under charter parties, claims relating to bank deposits, claims to enforce foreign judgements and arbitration awards, admiralty claims, and claims for breach of copyright and trademarks. The uniform subject matter of the different national sections permits ease of same-claim comparisons between different jurisdictions.

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Table of Contents

For each country the looseleaf consists of:

Part A General Section

  1. Structure of the Courts
  2. The Judiciary
  3. The Legal Profession
  4. Jurisdiction
  5. Legal Proceedings: General Description
  6. Special Procedure for Certain Types of Evidence
  7. Legal Precedents
  8. Provisional Remedies
  9. Award of Interest
  10. Availability of Orders for costs
  11. Enforcement of Domestic Judgments and Orders
  12. Appeals
  13. Time Limitations

Part B Specific Sections

  1. Claims for Breach of Contract for the Sale of Goods
  2. Claim for Rights in Mineral Concession in the Jurisdiction
  3. Claim for Title to or Damages to Goods in the Jurisdiction in Question
  4. Claims for Monies Due under Insurance/Reinsurance Contracts
  5. Claim to Enforce Corporate Share Sale Transactions
  6. Claim to Enforce Copyright/Trademark
  7. Clams to an Interest in a Bank Deposit
  8. Claim for Recovery of a Charter Hire/Damages under a Charter Party
  9. Claims for Amounts Due under a Joint Trading Venture Agreement
  10. Arrest of Ships
  11. Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
  12. Enforcement of Foreign and Domestic Arbitration Awards

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