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Directory of EU Case Law on Competition, Second Edition by BARENTS

Directory of EU Case Law on Competition, Second Edition

By René Barents


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International Competition Law Series Volume 28

Directory of EU Case Law on Competition, prized since 2007 by practitioners in EU competition law for its easy-to-find extracts sorted by subject, covers all decisions of the Court of Justice and the General Court of the EU on competition law through the end of 2016. Practitioners in the field of EU competition law know well how difficult it is to find quickly specific references about specific subjects in the case law of the EU courts. This book aims at improving and accelerating the accessibility of the numerous courts’ decisions on the EU treaty rules and legislation on antitrust and mergers by presenting the case law in the form of extracts of the judgments sorted by subject. This well-known book, now in its second and hugely expanded edition, follows the same easy-to-use format as the earlier volume and covers all the case law on the substantive and procedural aspects of the EU treaty rules and legislation on antitrust and mergers.

What’s in this book:

To improve the accessibility of the case law, this book is structured as follows:

  • Hundreds of headings and subheadings present virtually every point from which a researcher is likely to start.
  • Each subject heading starts with extracts having a more general meaning followed by extracts relating to specific points or situations.
  • Extracts are accompanied by cross references where appropriate.
  • Extracts are drawn from all EC competition case law encompassing every judgment and order in the ‘Reports of Cases before the Court of Justice and the General Court’ (‘Summary of the Judgment’) until 2017.

Under about 900 headings (forty-seven chapters with numerous divisions and subdivisions), it enables practitioners to obtain in a minimum of time an overview of what the EU courts have actually stated about a specific point, including detailed references.

How this will help you:

Although it is primarily of value to barristers, solicitors, in-house lawyers of companies and associations of companies, officials of national competition authorities and other active practitioners in EU competition law, this book will also be welcomed by scholars and others who need a quick overview of what the European courts have actually stated about a specific point (including detailed references) in the field.

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Last Updated 07/24/2017
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Table of Contents


List of Abbreviations

Chapter 1 Articles 101 and 102 TFEU: General Features

Chapter 2 Articles 101 and 102 TFEU and Member States

Chapter 3  Article 101(1) TFEU: General Features

Chapter 4  Undertaking

Chapter 5  Agreements Between Undertakings

Chapter 6  Concerted Practices

Chapter 7  Decisions of Associations of Undertakings

Chapter 8  Restrictions of Competition

Chapter 9  Trade Between Member States

Chapter 10  Article 101(2) TFEU

Chapter 11 Article 101(3) TFEU

Chapter 12 Prices

Chapter 13 Market Sharing

Chapter 14 Exclusive Purchasing and Supply Agreements

Chapter 15 Selective Distribution Systems

Chapter 16 Exchange of Information

Chapter 17 Intellectual Property Rights

Chapter 18 Other Restrictive Practices

Chapter 19 Article 102 TFEU: General Features

Chapter 20 Dominant Position

Chapter 21 Criteria to Establish a Dominant Position

Chapter 22 One or More Undertakings

Chapter 23 Abuse of a Dominant Position

Chapter 24 Unfair Prices and Other Trading Conditions

Chapter 25 Rebates

Chapter 26 Tying of Trading Partners

Chapter 27 Refusal to Sell

Chapter 28 Other Abusive Practices

Chapter 29 Merger Control

Chapter 30 Application of the Competition Rules

Chapter 31 Liability for Infringements

Chapter 32 Parent Companies and Subsidiaries

Chapter 33 Evidence

Chapter 34 Administrative Procedure

Chapter 35 Complaints

Chapter 36 Inquiries and Investigations

Chapter 37 Statement of Objections

Chapter 38 Access to the File

Chapter 39 Professional Secrecy

Chapter 40 Hearing and Advisory Committee Procedure

Chapter 41 Decisions

Chapter 42 Imposition of Fines

Chapter 43 Calculation of Fines

Chapter 44 Jurisdiction and Legal Review

Chapter 45 Article 106(1) TFEU

Chapter 46 Article 106(2) TFEU

Chapter 47 Article 106(3) TFEU