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Cybersecurity: Key Legal Considerations for the Aviation and Space Sectors by BERGAMASCO

Cybersecurity: Key Legal Considerations for the Aviation and Space Sectors

By Federico Bergamasco, Roberto Cassar, Rada Popova, Benjamyn I. Scott


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Key Legal Considerations for the Aviation and Space Sectors

Federico Bergamasco, Roberto Cassar, Rada Popova & Benjamyn I. Scott

About this book:

Cybersecurity is a resourceful book which explores the current laws relevant to aviation and space cybersecurity and analyses them from a critical perspective. The growing connection between the aviation and space sectors and reliance on related technology make them more susceptible to potential cyberattacks. Consequently, cybersecurity is becoming a pressing concern that should be taken into consideration by stakeholders in both sectors. This progressive book takes an introductory approach to allow those unfamiliar with aviation and space law, including telecommunications, and/or cybersecurity to gain valuable insight into these areas, and the subsequent chapters delve deep into the gamut of relevant international and European Union (EU) laws, with specific attention to associated risks, existing legal provisions and the potential development of new rules.

What’s in this book:

Early on, this book sheds light on malevolent cyber operations and advances further to explain first the general international and EU law related to cybersecurity, and then the more specific aspects of the aviation and space sectors, including telecommunications. The pivotal points highlighted in this book are the following:

  • whether the various facets of the international law on conflict apply in cyberspace and to cyberattacks;
  • substantial policy and regulatory developments taking place at the EU level, including the activities of its relevant institutions, bodies and entities;
  • jurisdiction and attributability issues relevant to cybersecurity in the aviation and space sectors;
  • vulnerability of space systems, including large constellations, to malicious cyber activities and electromagnetic interference;
  • various challenges for critical infrastructure resulting from, e.g., its interdependency, cross-border nature, public-private ownership and dual civil-military uses;
  • safety and security in international air transportation, with special attention to the Chicago Convention and its Annexes;
  • aviation liability and compensation in cases of cyberattacks, and insurance coverage against cyber risks;
  • review of malicious relevant actors, malicious cyber operations, the typical life cycle of a cyberattack and industry responses.

This book distinctly divulges the need to elaborate adequate legal rules for ensuring that the multiple inlets for pernicious cyber operations and the management of cybersecurity risks are duly addressed.

How this will help you:

This book is a trailblazer as currently there is no extensive study available to provide an all-inclusive analysis of the relevant facets of cybersecurity in the aviation and space sectors. It will be useful for  all parties involved with aviation and space law and policy, including lawyers, governments, regulators, academics, manufacturers, operators, airports, and international governmental and non-governmental organisations.

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Table of Contents

About the Authors


List of Abbreviations


Introduction: Overview

Definitions and Terminology

Cyberattacks from an International Law Perspective

Promotion of Cybersecurity and Combating Cybercrime in the EU

Space (Law) and Cybersecurity

Critical Infrastructure for Aviation and Space Activities: Satellite Communication and Navigation

Public International Civil Aviation Law

Aviation Liability in Cases of Cyberattacks

Lessons Learned



See what our clients are saying:

In conclusion, I highly recommend this book for all scholars and practitioners of space and aviation law who need (and we all do!) a highly accurate and comprehensive background to these issues of cybersecurity.

Larry Martinez / German Journal of Air and Space Law / Zeitschrift für Luft- und Weltraumrecht 2, 2021