Store International Competition Rules for the 21st Century: Principles from America's Experience, 2nd Edition

Competition Rules for the 21st Century: Principles from America's Experience, 2nd Edition

Edited by Ky Ewing


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Ky Ewing’s magisterial work on international competition law is here updated to take stock of the prodigious expansion of anti-cartel enforcement throughout the world in the intervening years.

Although the book has been highly regarded as a major reconsideration of the foundations of competition law and policy, it has also proven enormously valuable for its wealth of information and practical guidance. Among its most useful features (some new to the second edition) are the following:

• a vast amount of statistical and other information about public competition law enforcement agencies and their resources around the world;

• in-depth analysis of the differences in competition law regimes and the various economic and legal theories from which they derive;

• detailed attention to jurisprudence and legal commentary over many decades;

• probing of the meaning of ‘low’ and ‘fair’ as applied to prices;

• suggestions for carrying out re-evaluation of policies on the basis of empirical evidence;

• formulation of a model new U.S. competition law preempting state laws; and

• guidelines on distinguishing useful collaboration from collusive activity.

Nine new appendices have been added to this edition, covering such informative material as new statistical data about U.S. enforcement, details on the dramatic cooperation now taking place among nations in anti-cartel enforcement, and suggestions on how companies and practitioners should respond to multinational investigations.

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Last Updated 09/19/2006
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Table of Contents
    Foreword to Second Edition 2006. Foreword to First Edition. Preface. 1. Introduction: The Challenge of Proliferating Competition Laws. 2. The Situation Today: A Broad Look at Differences in Current Laws. 3. History of Government Attempts to Combat Restraints of Trade. An Ancient Effort with Familiar Tensions. 4. What We Can Learn from History. 5. Looking Forward from Antitrust History. 6. Principles for Crafting Competition Policy Enforcement in the 21st Century. Conclusion. Appendices. I. Global Agency Survey Results. II. Charts from Survey Results. III. Survey of Economic Studies. IV. U.S. Statistics: 1968-2000. V. U.S. Merger Challenges 2000-2001. VI. U.S. Merger Challenges Data 1999-2003. VII. U.S. Merger Investigations Data 1996-2003. VIII. U.S. Merger Transactions Data 1995-2004. IX. Cartel Prosecutions. X. Update on Cartel Prosecutions. XI. International Cooperation Against Cartels. XII. Cartels: 1. How to respond to multiple jurisdictions. 2. History of leniency/amnesty programs. XIII. ICN Mission Statement May, 2006. XIV. Implementation of ICN Recommendations. References. Index.