Store International Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business - Volume 32A. M & A in Europe: Selected Issues and Jurisdictions

Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business - Volume 32A. M & A in Europe: Selected Issues and Jurisdictions

Edited by Dennis Campbell


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The thirty-second edition of the Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business comprises two volumes, each dealing broadly with issues relating to cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Volume A provides 16 chapters and examines mergers and acquisitions in Europe. Volume B provides 16 chapters and treats mergers and acquisitions in North America, Latin America, and Asia and the Pacific. Each consists of national reports and treatments of selected issues within the respective regions.

Volume A, Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe, Selected Issues and Jurisdictions, examines asset deals in Austria, practical advice for cross-border transactions, intellectual property issues in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, taxation, and the formal requirement for share and asset transactions involving German companies, as well as national reports on

  • Belgium,
  • Cyprus,
  • the Czech Republic,
  • Greece,
  • Germany,
  • Hungary,
  • Italy,
  • Portugal,
  • Turkey,
  • Ukraine,
  • and an overview of the European Union.

Pages 544
Publish Date 08/25/2011
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041136534
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents.

Selected Issues.

Characteristics of Asset Deals in Austrian Law Arno Brauneis.

Crossborder Mergers and Acquisitions Demystified Andreas Wölfle, Stephan Wilske, and Kathryn Wilson.

Intellectual Property-Driven Crossborder Mergers and Acquisitions in Italy Julia Holden and Francesca Ferrero.

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Czech Republic David Neveselý, Jan Krejsa, Michaela Rezníková and Michaela Riedlová.

Crossborder Transactions of Shares or Assets of German Companies Arnd Becker and Bastian Laue.

National Reports.

European Union Filippo Amato and Marcus Pollard.

Belgium Nora Wouters and Hendrik Bossaert.

Cyprus Nancy Ch. Erotocritou.

Czech Republic Monika Mašková.

Germany Ulrike Binder, Petra Eckl, Christof Gaudig, Stephan Gittermann, Jörg Michael Lang, Nicolas Rößler, and Marco Wilhelm.

Greece Panos Koromantzos, Christos Gramatidis, and Dimitris Spiliotis.

Hungary Sándor Németh, Zoltán Kovács, Lászlò Pòk, and David Kerpel.

Italy Luca Tiberi and Giovanni Stucchi. Portugal Marta Pereira Da Silva.

Turkey Sebnem Isik, Yegan Liaje.

Ukraine Yevgeniya Derbal, Helen Yaremchuk, and Alexey Pustovit.