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Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business Vol 26 2004 by

Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business Vol 26 2004

Edited by Dennis Campbell, Susan Woodley


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The 2004 volume of the Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business contains a wide variety of topics of interest to international commercial lawyers and their clients. Various areas of company law are discussed, including mergers and acquisitions, piercing the corporate veil and the financing of share acquisitions. The Yearbook also contains several chapters on investments and securities, including the need for corporate governance in this area and the role of collective investment schemes in Bermuda. Some chapters deal with the introduction of now technology into the competition law issues encountered by the telecommunications industry. The introduction and effects of new legislation generally are also addressed, including the new Ukrainian Commercial Code and Brazilian Civil Code.

In addition to discussions on intellectual property, arbitration and asset protection, the Yearbook contains a section on real property rights, including a very interesting comparison between the way in which China and Indonesia view property rights and the treatment received by such rights in Western society. Various areas of law also are looked at from a European point of view, such as the increase in American-style asbestos litigation in Europe, the hiring out of workers within Europe and the effect of the European Convention on Human Rights upon business.

With the ever-increasing introduction of new technology, the expansion of global communications, new attitudes towards business and commerce and increased awareness of personal and property rights, there is a constant need for the law to develop in order to adequately deal with these issues. The yearbook branches out into some of the innovative and topical areas of contemporary law, and should be of great interest to anyone involved in modern-day business.

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Table of Contents
Finance and Investment: Financial Assistance and Acquisition Finance Andreas Doepel & Ari Kaarakaine, Panamanian Securities Legislation: Transparency and Accountability Beth Anne Gray J., Collective Investment Schemes in Bermuda Paul S.L. Lau Romanian Corporate Governance Principles under Capital Markets and Securities Law Florian Nitu, Current Foreign Capital Investment Regulations in Brazil Walter Douglas Stuber, Manoel Ignácio Torres Monteiro, Pedro Anan Junior & Marcelo Antunes Nemer Real and Intellectual Property: Real Property Law in Spain Juan B. Antequera & Guillermo Rodrigo, Protection and Registration of Industrial Designs in Indonesia Erna Letty Kusoy, Western Property Laws in China and Indonesia Jacqueline Mowbray Competition Law: New Developments in Swiss Competition Law and Foreign Undertakings Thomas A. Frick & Nicolas Birkháuser Liberalization of Competition in Brazilian Telecommunications Market Helena de Araújo Lopes Xavier Company Law: European Debate on the Takeover Directive Renato Conti Swedish and United Kingdom Takeover Regulations and Their Supervision Åke J. Fors, Anders Söderlind & Fredrik Lundén Piercing the Corporate Veil in Mexico Omar Guerrero R., Bernardo Ledesma U. & Juan Francisco Torres Landa R, International Mergers and Acquisitions: Comparative Legislation Patrice Vachon & Kosta Kostic General Commercial Law Issues: Romanian Law on Electronic Commerce Catalin Baiculescu & Horatiu Dan Dumitru Protecting United States-Based Assets Owned by Non-United States Debtors J. William Boone & Jason Watson Companies and the Human Rights Act 1998 Alan Dignam, Hiring Out of Workers in Europe Chris Engels & Sophie Maes Business Law Aspects of the New Brazilian Civil Code Durval de Noronha Goyos & Eliana Maria Filippozzi What to Expect as the American Asbestos Litigation Industry Moves into Europe Kirk T. Hartley Commercial and Controversial: The Ukraine Codifies Its Business Legislation Sergei Konnov International Arbitration Practice in Germany Stephan Wilske & H. Helen Chen, Index