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Commodities & Derivatives Law Integrated Library

Commodities & Derivatives Law Integrated Library


The Commodities and Derivatives Law Integrated Library is an online resource combining expert analytical guidance with linked access to the full text of laws, rules, cases, explanations and more. Aspen and CCH offer a single online destination to bring all these sources together to give rapid access back and forth among them. The CCH Commodity Futures Law Reporter and Derivatives Regulation Law Reporter are complemented by Aspen analytical works.


CCH Commodity Futures Law Reporter — The CCH Commodity Futures Law Reporter provides all the information you need to keep abreast of regulation affecting commodity futures, including the full text of laws and regulations, pertinent Congressional Committee Report excerpts, and annotations of court cases and administrative decisions. The Reporter provides updates that keep you abreast of frequent changes in all federal regulations pertaining to commodity futures trading. The Reporter provides a quick look at the current developments and trends, summarizing the new statutes and amendments, proposed and adopted regulations, hearings, orders, proceedings, advisory committee actions, court decisions, significant reparations decisions, Commodity Futures Trading Commission Staff Letters and other relevant materials.

The biweekly Report Letters provide Current Awareness with highlights of regulatory, legislative, judicial, and industry developments and links to the full-text source material reproduced in the Reporter. The CFTC Tracker Daily gives access to all issuances and activities at the Commission.

CCH Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000: Law and Explanation — This CCH reference provides analysis of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, which overhauled the regulatory scheme for commodities exchanges and amended the securities and banking laws.


CCH Derivatives Regulation Law Reporter — This comprehensive CCH reporter covers the legislative, regulatory, and judicial developments affecting the US derivatives market, bringing together regulations from the SEC, CFTC, Federal Reserve Board, Controller of the Currency, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and Office of Thrift Supervision.

A Current Awareness component provides bimonthly highlights of regulatory, legislative, judicial, and industry developments affecting derivative securities.

Derivatives Regulation, Phillip McBride Johnson and Thomas Lee Hazen — This analytical work covers all the regulatory schemes, including the Commodity Exchange Act, that have an impact on securities derivatives. Derivatives Regulation covers the full range of regulatory and reporting issues surrounding derivatives and related instruments, including distinguishing between regulated and unregulated derivatives, the role of the SEC, meeting standards for exemption, the rules applicable to commodities professionals, antifraud and anti-manipulation provisions, and private rights of action.

U.S. Regulation of the International Securities and Derivatives Markets , Eighth Edition, Edward Greene, Edward Rose, Leslie Silverman, Daniel Braverman, and Sebastian Sperber — This well-regarded work analyses the legal framework for all types of cross-border securities offerings by US and non-US issuers. It discusses US registered ADR programs and offers authoritative answers to questions on SEC enforcement actions under Regulation FD, changes to the anti-money laundering laws and regulations resulting from the US PATRIOT Act, special litigation issues relating to derivatives, and more.

Securitization of Financial Assets, Second Edition, Jason Kravitt ¿ Securitization of F

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