Store International Civil Procedures in Europe: Recognition & Enforcement, Vol 3
Civil Procedures in Europe: Recognition & Enforcement, Vol 3

Civil Procedures in Europe: Recognition & Enforcement, Vol 3

By Gerhard Walter, Samuel P. Baumgartner


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This important book, the third in the Civil Procedure in Europe series, provides a comparative overview, for 18 European countries, of those areas of recognition and enforcement practice that have not been harmonised by the Brussels and Lugano Conventions.

Each country's practice in these areas is described and analysed by a national expert distinguished in the field of civil prodedural law. The contributions are written in either English, French, or German, and are followed by summaries in both remaining languages. Bibliographies are included to enable the reader to locate material for further study.

Each national report addresses the following issues

  • sources of law and general principles for the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements
  • recognisable judgements
  • conditions for recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements; and
  • special proceedings for recognising and enforcing judgements.

    A comparative contribution by the editors analyzes the similarities and differences between the various European systems.

    The countries covered are Austria, Belgium, The Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

    The first book in the series is Seizure and Overindebtedness in the European Union. The second book is Recourse Against Judgements in the European Union.

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    Table of Contents
      1. Commencement of the proceedings
      2. Computation of time
      3. Conciliation, Arbitration and ADR
      4. Costs
      5. Default and setting aside
      6. Evidence
      7. Group actions
      8. Injunction for payment
      9. International conventions
      10. International jurisdiction
      11. The judgment
      12. Mareva and other mandatory injunctions
      13. Nullities
      14. Provisional remedies and summary proceedings
      15. Service of document abroad

      1. Le commencement de la procédure
      2. Les délais
      3. La conciliation, l'arbitrage et 'ADR'
      4. Les frais de justice
      5. Le défaut et l'opposition
      6. La preuve
      7. Actions collectives
      8. L'injonction de payer
      9. Les conventions internationales
      10. La compétence judiciaire internationale
      11. Le jugement
      12. Les mesures conservatoires
      13. Les nullités
      14. Les mesures provisoires et les procédures rapides
      15. La signification des actes judiciaires à l'étranger