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Civil Code Of The Republic Belarus

By William E. Butler


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Even though the economic union of Russia and Belarus is virtually complete, important material differences persist between the civil codes of the two countries. Of particular significance to foreign investors in Belarus are the provisions regulating intellectual property, inheritance, and private international law--provisions that set Belarus apart from other CIS jurisdictions and that make it especially attractive to businesses critically affected by these considerations.

This fourth volume in the CIS Civil Code series presents the Belarus Civil Code that entered into force on 1 July 1999. William E. Butler's English translation is of the high quality that has come to be expected by counsel for international investors with a special interest in the CIS countries.

Last Updated 08/01/2000
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ISBN 9789041188564
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Table of Contents
  1. General Provisions
  2. Rights of Ownership and Other Rights to Things
  3. General Part of the Law of Obligations
  4. Individual Types of Obligations
  5. Exclusive Rights to Results of Intellectual Activity (Intellectual Property)
  6. Law on Inheritance
  7. International Private Law
  8. Concluding Provisions