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American Private International Law

By Symeon Symeonides


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This volume is an authoritative and complete yet compact presentation of private international law—or ‘conflict of laws’—in the United States of America. Its author is a “conflicts giant” (60 Stanford Law Review 247 at 249 (2007)) and “the world’s leading expert on comparative conflicts law today.” (M. Reimann, “Comparative Law and Private International Law,” in The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law 1363 at 1380 (2006)).Having studied and taught law in both Europe and the United States, the author is uniquely qualified to identify and explain in language understandable to readers outside the U.S. the American peculiarities of the subject. His three-decades experience in writing on thousands of American judicial decisions is particu-larly valuable in understanding and presenting the practical essentials of the subject to practitio-ners and academics alike.

American courts encounter, at a rate of more than two thousand per year, conflicts among the laws of the fifty U.S. states (interstate conflicts) and between state or federal laws and those of foreign countries (international conflicts), thus making American conflicts law one of the richest and most complex in the world. This volume explains the differences between the two categories and presents the established and emerging jurisprudence in a concise and clear manner, while also providing an enlightening discussion of the multifaceted role of U.S. federalism, which is essential to the foreign reader’s understanding of American conflicts law.

Dr Symeonides has done a great service in collecting and organizing this scattered material into a coherent but non-technical and readily usable whole that offers all interested lawyers an easy-to-use but authoritative overview of the subject. The discussion includes:

• the federal-state allocation of lawmaking and judicial powers;

• the constitutional limitations on state choice of law;

• the resolution of conflicts between federal and foreign law;

• judicial jurisdiction in interstate and international conflicts;

• recognition of sister-state and foreign-country judgments;

• the choice-of-law revolution and its aftermath; and

• choice of law in torts, products liability, contracts, status and domestic relations, property, marital property, successions, and statutes of limitation.

Publish Date 05/01/2008
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ISBN 9789041127426
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Table of Contents

The Author. General Introduction. Chapter 1. Introduction 1 . Selected Bibliography Part I. Federalism and Conflicts Law. Chapter 1. Jurisdiction. Chapter 2. Federalism and Choice of Law Part II. Choice of Law. Chapter 1. The Traditional Choice-of-Law System. Chapter 2. The Mechanics of Choice of Law: The Structure and Operation of the Choice-of-Law Syllogism. Chapter 3. The Choice-of-Law Revolution. Chapter 4. Torts and Products Liability Chapter 5. Contracts. Chapter 6. Status and Domestic Relations. Chapter 7. Property, Marital Property and Successions. Chapter 8. Statutes of Limitation. Chapter 9. Conflicts between Federal Law and Foreign Law. Part III. Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Chapter 1. Sister State Judgments. Chapter 2. Foreign-Country Judgments. Table of Cases. Index