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Edited by John Balfour, Elena Carpanelli, Vincent Correia, Regula Dettling-Ott, Mark Franklin, José Ignacio García Arboleda, Donal Patrick Hanley, Andrew Harakas, Brian F. Havel, Tanja Masson-Zwaan, Pablo Mendes de Leon, Christopher Johnson, Benjamyn I. Scott, Lesley Jane Smith, Mark J. Sundahl, Michael Whitaker, Pai Zheng, Olavo de O. Bittencourt Neto
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Air and Space Law provides a peer-reviewed forum for practitioners, regulators, policymakers and academics who deal with international, regional and national aviation and space law and policy.

The Journal covers public, private, criminal, regulatory, competition (antitrust) and commercial aspects of air law and policy, and regulatory, commercial and security aspects of space law and policy.

By presenting governmental, commercial and academic perspectives, Air and Space Law provides comprehensive articles that discuss and clarify crucial issues concerning, among other topics:

  • deregulation and the liberalisation of air services;
  • access to the air transport market, including nationality requirements for airlines;
  • competition (antitrust) law and State aid;
  • safety regulation, and enforcement thereof;
  • accident and incident investigation;
  • criminal air law, and the treatment of unruly passengers;
  • second- and third-party liability in case of aviation accidents;
  • product liability in aviation cases;
  • access to airports, with special reference to slot allocation and airport charges;
  • leasing and financing of aircraft;
  • passenger rights, including EU Regulation 261;
  • air traffic management, including the protection of the environment;
  • emerging technology areas in the aviation and space industries;
  • sustainability of space activities;
  • space applications (earth observation, telecommunications, navigation);
  • environmental aspects of space activities;
  • space traffic management and space situational awareness;
  • liability for damage caused by space objects;
  • national space legislation;
  • militarisation and weaponisation of outer space; and
  • commercial uses of outer space, such as on-orbit servicing, the use of space resources, or large constellations.

The Journal’s five annual issues regularly include notes on recent cases, news and updates on competition law, and book reviews. From time to time a special issue on a particular subject is published, for example the special issue on the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

With a subscription to Air and Space Law, practitioners, regulators, policymakers, and academics will enjoy a regular up-to-date commentary and analysis of trends and developments in this field.

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