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Administration of Government Contracts, Fifth Edition

Administration of Government Contracts, Fifth Edition

By John Cibinic, Jr., James F. Nagle , Ralph C. Nash, Jr.


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Learn expert strategies for reducing conflicts and managing government contracts.

Successful contract administration ensures that both parties fulfill their contractual obligations — and adapt to changing circumstances when necessary. No matter which side of the contract you're on — government official or vendor — a firm grasp of contract procedures and legal requirements is essential for sound management and dispute resolution.

Administration of Government Contracts, written by experts from The George Washington University Law School Government Contracts Program, provides expert guidance on all phases of the contract administration process.

You will learn the best way to:

  • Interpret contract terms accurately
  • Handle differing site conditions
  • Renegotiate terms to reflect changes
  • Make price adjustments
  • Resolve disputes without litigation
  • Ensure prompt, full payment
  • Terminate contracts

Comprehensive coverage and analysis of federal procurement legislation clarifies complex rules!

Federal procurement legislation and court decisions have changed the way you can handle delays, determine payment policies and resolve disputes. This edition explains the rules resulting from the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act, the Competition in Contracting Act, the Prompt Payment Act and other key changes.

Written by the preeminent authorities in government contracting, this unbiased analysis of important case law and decisions provides an overview of the current legal environment and helps you put everything in perspective.

Handy tools help you access vital information quickly

Find authoritative information in seconds with these helpful aids:

  • Detailed table of contents and subject index help you search for specific guidance on key issues by subject area or alphabetically
  • Legal citations for more than 3,400 court, BCA and Comptroller General decisions will save you hours of research time
  • Table of authorities guides you to information about key parts of the CFR, DAR, DFARS and FAR throughout the text

Pages 1606
Publish Date 04/13/2016
Product Line Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.
ISBN 9781454873969
SKU 10028494-0002
Table of Contents
  1. Contract Administration Personnel
  2. Contract Interpretation
  3. Risk Allocation
  4. Changes
  5. Differing Site Conditions
  6. Delays
  7. Government Property
  8. Pricing of Adjustments
  9. Inspection, Acceptance and Warranties
  10. Default Termination, Damages and Liquidated Damages
  11. Termination for Convenience
  12. Payment and Discharge
  13. Dispute

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